Saturday, June 1

The "Tolerance" Of The Left

Sometimes I wake up and wonder what weird dimension of the world I'll live in today. It's usually one where someone on the left is spewing their hate and then try to turn it around on those who disagree with them. I have never met a more bigoted,  racial or intolerant group of people than the left. Disagree with someone of a different color than yourself and you are a racist. Disagree with someone with a different belief than yourself and you are a bigot. Unless of course, that belief is Islam and you believe that you have the right to chop off the heads of those who disagree with you, then the left will tolerate you just fine.

In Oregon, a couple who own a bakery are being faced with horrible discrimination because they refused to bake for a lesbian wedding. They have received death threats and wishes that their children become sick, that the man would be raped, you name it. So tolerant.

The fact is, liberals would not be able to survive without conservatives. Conservatives, however, could survive and thrive without liberals. They are completely useless. They offer no good to anyone. The left would live in their little colonies where everyone shares everything, yet when the food runs out, they will turn on each other. They love to bash capitalism while using the products that are only available through capitalism.

Could they make and distribute freely their own products? Sure, but good luck getting an Internet signal with your hemp rope. In order to have these products...iPhones, computers, etc... you have to have oil. Yep, that's right, oil. Without petroleum, you will have no plastic. Hospitals wouldn't be able to offer the sterile environment that is needed because products would have to be re-used since it would be too expensive to use new each time. Syringes would have to be plastic, remember? Would a liberal be able to pull that oil out of the ground and then be able to refine it? Nope. And they can kiss their Prius goodbye. Liberals can't function without a conservative there to provide for them. They will never admit it, but it's true.

And one more thing. I would like to say to all the "gay" men out there. If you really want to be a woman...learn to act like a real woman. Real women do not walk like you, talk like you or dress like you. You look like an idiot and sound and dress like one too. You disgust me.

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The Conservative Wife said...

I can't answer your question because at no time has a Democrat ever healed the economy. In fact, the last time a budget was passed when Democrats controlled both the house and the senate was 1969. Even though Clinton had a balanced budget, they always conveniently leave out the fact that it was because there was a Republican house and senate that pretty much dragged him kicking and screaming to sign and pass the bill. The idiots in control now, including some so called Republicans don't seem to even know what the word budget means.

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