Friday, June 21

"Treasonous Bedwetting Maggot In Chief"

Catchy title, I know, but they aren't MY words. They come from one of the two New York men who were arrested Wednesday in a plot to use an X-Ray gun on Obama. Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight were accused by Federal authorities of assembling a portable X-Ray weapon that they intended to use to sicken people who oppose Israel. NBC News reported that they also intended to target Obama. The Albany Times Union reported that the men were trying to sell the weapon to a Jewish group or to the Ku-Klux-Klan.

“Crawford has specifically identified Muslims and several other individuals/groups as targets,” investigator Geoffrey Kent said in a court affidavit. According to the indictment, Crawford also traveled to North Carolina in October to solicit money for the weapon from a ranking member of the KKK, who informed the FBI. Crawford claimed to be a member.

 The Times Union reported Crawford referring to Obama in a text message conversation sent the day of the Boston Marathon bombing as a “treasoness bedwetting [sic] maggot in chief” who “started bringing the scumbags [here] wholesale as he got in charge.”

While I agree that we do indeed have a treasonous, bedwetting maggot in the white house, I don't agree with the method these men chose to deal with the problems.  They chose a weapon that would impact the lives of many in a very negative way, including little children. We are moving into an era of wakefulness as this administration is becoming increasingly more unstable. Personally, I could care less what happens to Obama or those around him, because I do not care about him. Meaning, I have no compassion whatsoever for any ailment that befalls him. He has asked for all the trouble that comes upon him. But to use weapons like this that would destroy so many innocent lives is unacceptable. I'm not saying that any weapon be used against him, I'm only saying that I wouldn't shed a tear. Not a single one.

The only thing I like about these guys are their choice of words. He IS treasonous. He IS a war criminal. And he IS a maggot. I respect the office...not the man IN the office. Respect is EARNED, not given freely and anyone who gives it freely deserves all that is done to them.

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