Monday, June 3

Virginia Candidate For Lt. Governor Is An African American "Bigot"

E.W. Jackson, Virginias GOP Lt. Gov. Nominee and a Minister, Unfazed by Liberal Barbs

A Virginia Bigot. That's what the Huffington Post says anyway. E.W. Jackson is Virginia's candidate for Lt. Governor and he is a Republican. Because he is a black Republican, he of course has been targeted by the left. He has been called names but he isn't backing down. The left has called for him to apologize for some of the statements he has made but he has refused stating,
“I don’t have anything to rephrase or to apologize for.”
Some of the things he has said include comparing Planned Parenthood to the KKK and saying that  Obama  "clearly has muslim sensibilities".

I'm glad he isn't apologizing for these true statements. Planned Parenthood is like the KKK. They were both founded by Democrats that wanted to eradicate the black race. And Obama is a muslim so there ya go on that one.

I'm just wondering though...In the above picture, who are the racists? The white people supporting the black man? Or is it the black man himself? My guess is that the true racists are the white liberals who can't understand how a black person could break through the chains they have imposed on the black community. They think that if they offer free crap to blacks, they will have them in their pocket for life...and sadly, it has worked on many, but every now and then, some break through and escape because they never cared about the crap in the first place. Then you have the black racists that get angry when "one of their own" breaks rank and goes to the GOP. They somehow feel as though they have been betrayed, I guess. The fact is, they are only betraying themselves. Selling out for something free like a stupid Obama phone, welfare and public housing.

I don't care about being called racist anymore. I used to defend myself but it is pointless. It is just a term the left likes to throw around because it once gave them the right to feel like a victim and therefore get something for it. I know what I am and I don't need to defend it against someone who is only looking to start an argument. Those arguments are unfair, and I refuse to "victimize" the left any further by engaging in a battle of wits with those who are seriously unarmed.


Joseph G Figliola said...

Finally, an unapologetic bare-knuckle candidate with (R) after his name that I will get a chance to vote for (I am in VA). Wow. It sends a tingle up the back of my leg.

The Conservative Wife said...

Ha Ha...Easy now...

conservativeBC said...

Yea see your feed down below this comment?

Also if you go to your

Picasa Web Albums on google and make your pics public, I think they will start showing up below, as you post... If it can't find a pic it defaults to the pic of you...
Either way it is just a suggestion... In my experience men are twice as likely to follow a link to chick blog...

conservativeBC said...

You are very cute - watch this, I will show the power of one picture...

See if you blog hits go up...

I made a quick banner...

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