Thursday, June 27

Will the Gays be Quiet Now?

So it looks like homosexuals can get married in the US, thanks to the SCOTUS DOMA ruling. Let's remove this issue from the religious point of view for a moment and look at this from a perspective nobody seems to focus on. Looking at DOMA from a purely "all men are created equal" and a "pursuit of happiness" standpoint, it was obvious the law wasn't going to stand (or Prop. 8 in California, for that matter). This country has a nasty habit of trying to decide who is worthy of the pursuit of happiness, and sometimes we write laws trying to keep those not worthy in a box. SCOTUS could make no other ruling (though the words they chose in making the ruling were very poor and not worthy of the court).

But if we patriots really believe what we say we believe, then the blacks, the gays, and the miscellaneous others who reside in our country, need to have their pursuit of happiness too.

You don't have to like it, but that's the way it is.

From the religious (or, really, "the Christian") standpoint, homosexuality if a sin and should not be "legalized" anymore than other sins....but wait, in Nevada I can hire a prostitute without fear of prosecution. So some sins are OK while others are not.

The reality is, the Christian Church only has what is in the Bible to explain why they are against gay marriage.

The only people who care about what God has to say on the issue are Christians, and if we as a collective body had any real influence any more things might be different, but we do not. Why? Let me explain.

In its attempt to be "seeker sensitive" and water down the Bible because otherwise nobody fills the collection plate (Jesus is, after all, offensive), any influence Christians would have on this country has evaporated. Today the church is more concerned with having jumbo-trons in the worship center (the mega-churches, anyway) and building coffee shops in lobbies to better "serve the community". But its funny how the community never goes to those places to get coffee and the only people you see there actually attend the church.

To everybody else, God is not a factor in their lives, so, indeed, why should they care what religious people think? To them, the Bible is a collection of myths and stories. The church has failed to show otherwise when it is so easy to indeed show otherwise. We have not only the Bible, but a myriad of historical records and other facts on our side. But digging through those resources takes effort, and we gotta get the kids to AWANA and VBC and attend the prayer breakfasts and various retreats to "better connect with God" and dog diggity there just ain't no time.

In other words, the church has failed to do its job.

To make it even simpler, the church has failed.

At least we have jumbo-trons on Sunday morning to see how cool the worship team looks. I really like it when the lead guitar player thrashes out a solo while wearing cool shades. God likes cool shades. Cool shades make you more holy so if you really want to be closer to God you gotta get yourself some cool shades.

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conservativeBC said...

No they won't. They won't be happy until they are butt humping on your dinner table, and you can't say anything unless you are charged with a hate crime...

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