Wednesday, July 17

Dear Eric Holder – We Have The Evidence You Seek

As one who has no shame or guilt when it comes to stealing a post, I am most pleased to share this one from the TRUTH SEEKERS over at Conservative Treehouse.

Thanks to Sundance!!

How predictable, the government is still going to try and go after George Zimmerman. I am convinced beyond any doubts that the Obama regime wants to ignite an all out race war. The perfect distraction while the government,  the Obama regime continues to destroy what was once a REPUBLIC of supreme AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM. The worst nightmare that could happen would be for people of ALL color to see the forest for the trees and unite against this most corrupt and power hungry fascist regime.The jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of on all charges. Every lie, deception, threat failed as the truth is what the jury heard, based on FACTS. This nation is more polarized than ever and us evil Constitutional conservatives had nothing to do with this. Look to Obama, Holder and the liberal progressive, regressive fascists for the coming race war. The jury gave us the only answer they could. The racists of the Obama regime, NAACP and the NBPP are fueling this war.

I am totally disgusted beyond what I WANT TO write but will refrain due to proper decorum and not lowering myself or this site to the likes of Holder, the NAACP, Obama, Sharpton, Corey and such foul ilk. I thought about posting the comments from Holder at the NAACP convention but decided against this.

To Obama, Holder, the NAACP, the CBC, the DOJ, the IRS: ONE SPARK upon the tinderbox of disgust, loathing and distrust of the government that you all have built since 2008 will come back to haunt each and every one of you. You think you are Hitler and Nazi Germany? How well did that work out? PatriotUSA

From Conservative Treehouse


Dear Eric Holder – We Have The Evidence You Seek

July 16, 2013

Honorable Eric H. Holder Jr.
Attorney General of The United States Of America
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue N.W.
Washington DC, 20530-0001

Dear General Holder:
It has come to our attention that you have requested the citizens of the United States to provide your office with any evidence or documentation, to support your efforts, toward proving any civil rights violations in the case of The State of Florida VS. George Zimmerman.

Further we have found numerous national media articles citing your direct and specific request. It is our understanding you have created a website for the collection of evidence in that regard:

We are in direct possession of the evidence you seek.

Mellon Park Rally
Mellon Park Rally 4
Mellon Park Flyer
As you can see, the death threats directly outlined in the case of George Zimmerman are clearly evidenced and outlined.   In addition, the names, phone numbers, email addresses of the civil rights violators are clearly identified.

We look forward to your immediate arrest of Mr. James J Evans Muhammad and Mr. Mikhail S Muhammad for specific and direct threats of harm and bodily injury to Mr. George Zimmerman.

Should you need any further assistance we would be more than happy to provide your office with additional photographic, or physical, evidence.   This one is a no-brainer.

Warmest regards,
Lawful and Concerned U.S. Citizens

Source is here.

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Gerald Loeb said...

Asking these bandits to investigate the racist haters is like making a fox guard the hen house.

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