Wednesday, July 3

Do environmentalists crap in the woods? And on "protected" mountains?

Yes they most certainly do! And without consequence.

Legendary mountaineers Jon Krakauer and Conrad Anker have caused no end of a stink after they decided to answer the call of nature on the way to the summit of Mount McKinley. Climbers on North America's highest peak are prohibited from relieving themselves wherever they choose and are required to put their waste into a McKinley Clean Mountain Can, which is then dumped into a specific crevasse.

Willfully falling foul of this law, the fabled duo were spotted squatting by eagle-eyed observers at the Kahlitna Base Camp on the mountain - who promptly ratted them out to the climbing ranger on duty late last month . . .

U.S. author Jon Krakauer became famous as an adventure writer of such books as 'Into the Wild' and 'Into Thin Air' - and Conrad Anker is renowned for his ascents of perilous peaks.

This is no small problem. There is a lot of human excrement on Mount McKinley and when the peak's ice inevitably melts due to global warming, we all know that "waste" flows downhill!

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