Saturday, July 27

Dr. Seuss...The Savior Of Black America?

Jesse Jackson Paints Bleak Picture of Black America
PHILADELPHIA—Black America is largely unemployed, in debt and in prison, civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson told hundreds gathered at the annual National Urban League conference Friday, before asking them what they were going to do about it.
"That's the state of black America," he said. "We are free but not equal. Free to be unemployed."

Jesse's remarks are troubling, to say the least. However, I actually agree (quite accidentally) with the good Reverend.  Blacks are, in fact, at a tremendous disadvantage in modern American society. They are, by and large, destined to remain 2nd class citizens. The statistics prove this to be true.
Blacks ARE more likely to commit crime than whites.
Blacks ARE more likely to go to prison than whites.

Blacks ARE more likely to be victims of crime than whites.

Blacks ARE more likely to be unemployed than whites.

Blacks ARE more likely to remain uneducated than whites.
The list goes on and on, ad infinitum.

Is there no hope for Black Americans?

Are black Americans destined to forever be shackled to lives of poverty, crime, ignorance and inequality?

Is there no way to escape this endless cycle of oppression?

Of course there is. The solution is rather easy, actually.

Blacks should become White.

Not in the Michael Jackson decreasing shades of pigmentation sense of becoming white, but in virtually all other aspects of their lives.

Dr. Seuss recognized the problem and the solution a long ago when he regaled us with the tale of the “Star-Bellied Sneetches” and “Plain-Bellied Sneetches.” 

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