Monday, July 1

Egypt Is Suffering From Buyers Re-Morsi

Egyptian Protesters Are Furious at Obama Admin for Appearing to Side with Morsi – Here’s How They Showed it

Protests continue to rage in Egypt as Obama continues to remain silent on the Muslim Brotherhood regime. It is said that the protests in Egypt are the largest gathering in the history of the world. They are angry, not only with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, but with Obama and America as well.

The thing is...they rioted and protested during the Arab Spring to get Mubarak out. They were overjoyed when Morsi stepped in to be their dictator. Much the same way the idiots here in America were when Obama stepped in. Maybe if they had bothered to open their eyes, they would have foreseen that Morsi was a bad dude with bad affiliations. I'm sure some did, but most did not. They rioted and yelled but had no clear plan for what would happen after Mubarak was gone. Do they have a plan now if Morsi leaves? My guess is no and that's a problem. There are a thousand standing at the ready behind Morsi to step in and take his place. Unless these people have a plan in place, these riots and protests will do no good.

The protesters are also angry with US Ambassador to Egypt, Ann Patterson, who has voiced her criticism of the anti-Morsi protests. They are calling for her to leave Egypt. Patterson, however, is just another Obama puppet and is so arrogant that she thinks she can do and say whatever she wants and if the people don't listen, then off with their heads.

Egypt is certainly a place to watch over the coming days. They are becoming increasingly unstable and if the country erupts into a full blown civil war, don't think it won't affect us here. This is the regime that Obama has fully supported. John Kerry has sent them billions of dollars. The entire world is on fire and a rage is shaking her foundation. Evil is running rampant in the world and it will until Satan comes as anti-Christ, here to bring peace and prosperity to all who worship him.

There is a reason why there are so many God hating assholes on the planet right now. It's because in the very beginning, when Satan tried to overthrow the throne of God, 1/3 of God's children immediately sided with God, another 1/3 went with Satan and yet the other 1/3 just kind of stood around waiting to see which side would be victorious before they chose. Those people are here now in these end times to make the final choice of whom they will serve, God or Satan. Seems like they have already made their choice and it isn't God. There are a few of us here that can see what is going on. God has us here for a reason. To stand against the evil just as we did in the beginning. If you are standing against the evil now, you can bet that you did then, too. Hold on and keep standing. God isn't finished with us yet and He certainly hasn't left us. Fight the good fight and never give up. We will win in the end. (I've read the back of the book so I know how it ends)

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