Sunday, July 14

George Zimmerman-NOT GUILTY on all counts

George Zimmerman has been found NOT guilty.

A truly joyous day for me and many others who have followed this case, trial from day one. I have lost count of the, days hours I have spent, lived at The Conservative Treehouse. No other site other than Sundance's fought for, researched, dug up, requested through FOIA, the truth to expose the blatant racism, lies, deception of the Black Grievance Industry and the Scheme Team. Had Travon Martin been a White Kid, this event would have slipped from the radar quickly, quietly, without much exposure or mention by the regime's lapdog LSM propaganda machine. The death of ANY young person is a tragedy and skin color does not matter to me when such a tragedy occurs. It should not matter to anyone, period. As the last year and half have passed by, this case was made a racist and racial issue by the likes of the POTUS and many in the black and white community on down the line.

Why? Simply put, MONEY and for many, to play the part of being the victim. George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY by a jury that was made up of all women. Think about that for a minute and forgive me if that seem sexist or chauvinistic. These very brave women who listened, watched and came to the only conclusion they could based on the FACTS of this case. The lies, deceptions, manipulations by the likes of Crump, BDLR, Martin, Sharpton, Julison, Gutman, Sharpton, Parks, Jackson, Brown, Wiilson, Bonaparte and the list is quite long.

Below is a post from The Conservative Treehouse that gives you, anyone, a snapshot of this case, trial and verdict. The post is long but actually is very short when one looks at all the information that now exists thanks to Sundance, his administrators and all the treepers who contributed to helping expose the lies about what went down against George Zimmerman. I ask that any and all of us pray for the safety of George Zimmerman and his family. They (the black panthers, Congressional Black Caucus, The NAACP, The Obama administration, the DOJ, those poor white folks consumed by their guilt and The White Man's Burden, those who still live on the plantation, and all the REAL RACISTS out there) will be going after, hounding George Zimmerman. Attempt's will be made against Zimmerman's life. He will be hard pressed to find safety and refuge. In fact the NAACP already has a petition up asking the DOJ and Obama to go after George Zimmerman. Think about this one long and hard. You want to burn this Republic down from coast to coast? You will have to go through the likes of me and millions of others who are sick and tired of the racist, always playing the victim mentality that so many Blacks seem to identify with. We refuse to held accountable for what happened so very long ago that we had NOTHING to do with. We refuse to be made to feel guilty nor will many of us feel bad for being any skin color but black. This verdict is about George Zimmerman being found NOT GUILTY and not about your skin color or mine. PatriotUSA

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Gerald Loeb said...

This is a strong indictment against the Press, the race-baiters and the other scum who use tragic events to their political and financial benefit. If only Zimmerman had never left his car, the names of Trayvon Martin and George Zimerman would not even be historical footnotes...

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