Friday, July 19

The Golden Geese News Holds Court on the Trayvon Martin Affair, and the Verdicts are In!

I purposely ignored the George Zimmerman / Trayvon Martin affair (as much as I could) from the beginning.  I’m old enough to remember the Rodney King thing, and had no interest in hearing about another case that was in the news for no other reason than the race angle.  I patiently waited for the whole thing to be over with, and no sooner had I heard the verdict, then I started hearing about the possibility of federal charges being filed against Zimmerman.  Will this thing never end?

I can see that ignoring will not make it go away, so I decided to catch up on it, and to my surprise, of all the people involved, both Zimmerman and Martin appear to have been among the least guilty.  Keep reading, and I’ll tell you what I mean as I play both judge and jury.

Defendant: George Zimmerman

Charge: Second Degree Murder

Verdict: Not Guilty

Explanation of Verdict:  The whole incident probably would have not taken place if Zimmerman had not made some poor decisions, but making those decisions was not a crime.  The situation quickly escalated out of control and Zimmerman shot Martin because he feared for his life and felt he had to defend himself, which is also not a crime.  The whole thing was just a tragic incident.

Defendant:  Trayvon Martin

Charge: Asking for, and getting what he deserved.

Verdict: Not Guilty

Explanation of Verdict:  The incident also would have not happened if Martin would have not made some poor choices, but once again these choices were made before the shooting took place.

Both Martin and Zimmerman were thinking that the other one was going to back down, and before they knew it, the situation became much more serious that either one could have ever imagined.  If either one of them had any idea what was about to happen, I’m sure that they would have avoided having any confrontation with the other.

This whole thing was just a case of two young men trying to act like “tough guys” gone wrong.  It happens all the time.  Race could have been a factor, but I’ll bet it wasn’t the main one.  In my opinion this was just a matter of “alpha male” bullshit.  The security guard authoritarian against the rebel from outside.  Instead of Trayvon Martin, the other character could have been some white, tattooed, skinhead with a chip on his shoulder and the same thing could have happened.  By the same token, the neighborhood watchman could have been an overzealous black man, and the outcome could have still been the same.

Defendant: Al Sharpton

Charges: Race baiting, hypocrisy, shameless self promotion, inciting racial tensions nationwide, willful disregard for public safety,
and being too cowardly to admit that he responsible for any of the negative consequences of his actions.

Verdict: Guilty as charged on all counts.

Explanation of verdict: None needed, we’ve been witnessing this man for decades.

Recommended sentence: Everyone in America, black, white, all other races, and the news media, should ignore him which would force him to get a real job and make an honest living.

Defendant: Rachel Jeantel

Charges: Fat, ugly, stupid

Verdict: Guilty as charged on all counts

Explanation of verdict: Come on, who’s gonna argue with that?

Recommended Sentence: Low calorie diet, extreme makeover, and education with an emphasis on cursive writing.

Co-defendants: Barack Obama and Eric Holder

Charges: Undermining public confidence in our judicial system, race baiting, putting their own selfish interests ahead of the best interests of Americans.

Verdict: Not yet reached.

Explanation: When I started writing this a few days ago, I was all ready to find them guilty, but it now looks like they may not pursue filing federal charges against Zimmerman.  Let’s hope so.

Defendant: Angela Corey

Charge: Gross Incompetence

Verdict: Guilty as charged.

Explanation of Verdict:  This could be the next big story.  Her incompetence and and malfeasance are astonishing.  If Trayvon Martin supporters want to be angry at someone for Zimmerman’s acquittal, they need look no further than her.  I don’t have time to go into all of it here, but I plan to write a post about it soon, unless someone beats me to it.  In the meantime, check this out:

Recommended sentence: Disbarment

Defendants: The mainstream media

Charges: Selective reporting, sensationalizing, and throwing fuel on the fire.

Verdict: Guilty as charged on all counts

Explanation of Verdict:  None needed

Recommended sentence: Everyone should stop watching, listening or reading anything they say.  In this age of the internet, there is absolutely no reason to put up with them any longer.

Defendant: Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Martin’s mother)

Charge: Trying to make money off of son’s death by trademarking slogans such as “I am Trayvon” and “Justice for Trayvon”.

Verdict: Not yet reached.

Explanation: She claims that she did it to prevent other people from profiting from Trayvon’s death.  Maybe so, time will tell.  It should be pretty easy to tell if she did profit from it in a short period of time.

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