Thursday, July 25

Killing Us Softly In The Land Of Plenty

Yesterday, the men and women in the House of Representatives voted to allow the NSA to go through our phone records without a warrant and in direct violation of article 215 of the Patriot Act.  It is hard to believe, but most of the arrogant elitists voted against us and sided for the NSA General Alexanders of the world.

 The last "safeguard" is now gone. 

This is the same bunch of crooks that haven’t passed a real budget in four years and counting -- which is their man job, according to the Constitution.

Minutes later, White House script in hand, the lib-tards on CBS put a talking head up there who said with a straight face, “This will not affect law-abiding citizens. We need this to stop the bad guys.”

Really? It is a fact that two of the 9-11 hijackers that the FBI couldn’t find were…in the telephone book in San Diego.  The FBI didn’t stop the bad guys there, huh?

Really? It is a fact that Americans are being hassled in their cars and even homes by an overzealous police force. 

Really? It is a fact that TSA and Homeland Security has evolved into a many-headed hydra that goes beyond its mandate…because the people who “represent” us do as they please and most times are too lazy to even read the bills they are voting on.

At the same time, this fascist Amerikan President said “We need to stop looking at phony scandals and get on with it.”

So we have a Pres still in denial about his administration’s perfidy and the many strange things swirling around Capitol Hill now telling us like a black version of Tony Soprano: “fuhgettabout it.”

We have a MainSlime Media that purposely leaves facts out to make the government look better, although it is getting more difficult to hide the truth.

We also have a Congress that is absolutely ineffective in representing the will of the people: Obamacare is a classic example of this.

We also have a Supreme Court that veers from side to side like a derelict ship in search of a rudder…any rudder.

Aren’t we so lucky to have so much in Amerika?

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