Friday, July 19

Mark Levin Slams Obama: "I'm Ashamed Of This President. He's A Disgrace"

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Curt Day said...

I am Leftist so I would never vote for Obama, he is way to conservative. But what I don't appreciate about the Right's criticisms of Obama is that Obama is simply an extension of Bush and other conservatives.

As for Ronald Reagan, conservatives worship a manufactured image of Reagan and they do that to manipulate today's conservatives. Levin's praises of Reagan are praises of symbolism, not substance. And what Levin called optimism from Reagan would be called denial by the truth.

As for private property rights, it is a euphemism for privileges of the corporate and financial institution sector of our society.

Gerald Loeb said...

Hey, Curt: Put down the bong and get real. The Lefties died out in the 1960's and their brains were fried to mush. You wanna join the real lefties? Head to China, North Korea, etc. They'd LOVE to have you there sucking off their benefits...

Curt Day said...

Watch where you leap with those conclusions because I've never done drugs. I learned from my father who struggled with alcoholism.

And I have read enough of the Bible to know that the popularity of a message or group implies nothing about its validity and truthfulness.

Gerald Loeb said...

OK, Curt. I apologize for the snarky drug reference, sir. You are right about the Bible and since you used the Bible as a reference, that also applies to this President and his "popularity," which also implies something about HIS validity and HIS truthfulness, right? I'm glad I took Rhetoric and Logic in college.

Curt Day said...

No problem. BTW, you are right about the irrelation between his popularity and truthfulness. Just realize that me and many of my fellow leftists never supported him; we opposed him though probably for different reasons than you did.

Gerald Loeb said...

Well, that makes you a friend from the opposition; strange bedfellows, indeed.

Curt Day said...

I believe in celebrating what we can agree on.

Gerald Loeb said...

Wisely said, Curt. In the end, we probably have more we agree on than we know but it's just the METHOD of the argument that matters, as well as the result.

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