Monday, July 15

Mob Rule 2.0

   After the Zimmerman acquittal, it was a given there would be some rioting in the streets over the jury’s decision.  But no one has really asked the question:

   Who or what are these protesters mad at in the aftermath of this highly charged trial and its result?

    After all, these are the same people who “Want justice for Trayvon?”  Isn’t that what the courts are supposedly for so we don’t have mob rule in this land of ours?

   We all know the facts of this case so there is no real need to discuss them here.  A young man is dead and another young man’s life has been turned upside down, perhaps forever. 

    First they demonstrated because Zimmerman was not immediately arrested and charged.

    Then they demonstrated when the trial was under way.

    After the verdict was reached, they rioted again because like spoiled children, they did not get what they wanted – George Zimmerman’s head on a bloody plate.

    These are the same people whose influence and threats to riot made the local and state authorities take on a weak case against Zimmerman and conduct a show trial. These same authorities then ensured this would go only one way – their way – by packing the court with a judge whose agenda was clearly on the side of the prosecution and a prosecution team that stridently ignored the basic facts – never mind the law they are sworn to uphold – to appease the mob.

    But, six courageous women turned their little blood fantasy upside down with a Not Guilty verdict. 

    So what did these Academy-Award winners do? They rioted again in at least four different US cities. 

   If these folks were rioting for social change, such as stricter gun control or other such issue, at least there would be a point to all this. If they were rioting because they felt the Stand Your Ground law was unfair, that would be something substantive.  If they marched to the State Capitol and demanded a change, that would be a correct thing to do.

   Instead, they lashed out and vented their frustrations like children mad at Mommy and Daddy.

   So, why are they so angry?  The same people who burned cars and trashed parts of their own cities, held signs and vowed revenge really have no real point except to use this acquittal as a sounding board for their own opinions.  They are not using this opportunity to try and get laws changed at all.  The only thing they really accomplished was getting the state authorities to do something – even if that meant failure.

    At the end of the day, all they did was make themselves look like jackasses and fools.  They also showed no clear thinking at all and in fact have helped perpetuate the problem.  They also showed no patience for the court system that was essentially stacked in their behalf.  Only one result and one result only would have appeased them and they didn't get it, so they rioted and even tried to justify that action as "Justice for Trayvon."

   So, when the next show trial starts for whatever reason, the usual suspects will freak out and first demonstrate passionately for the result they want and the media will slavishly cover their remarks…and when the result comes that is not too their liking, they will riot and tear up property.

  So, welcome to Unofficial Mob Rule 2.0 in the 21st Century. 

By Gerald A. Loeb
Copyright 2013

1 comment:

Chris said...

The biggest question that I have about this whole ordeal is, would the truth change anything? If everyone with an opinion had no choice but to understand the whole truth about the ordeal, would loyalty to their cause trump their vested interests?

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