Sunday, July 28

Practice Religious Liberty and Go To Church

As we all wonder what is happening to our Constitution as the Obama Administration has taken upon itself to be the conscience of the America people instead of letting people make decisions for themselves (social welfare instead of individual charity, government-enforced contraception mandate vs. running your business based on your own religious beliefs), I think that the best way to prove that we are a free nation based on individual liberty is to practice those liberties.

Consider the decline in church attendance over the years.  So much good comes from going to church as it teaches people to look beyond themselves and give willingly to others.  It teaches people truths about God and who really gave us life and the blessings we have (not the government).  By attending church, people become just a little bit better each week.  But, as Americans, we are practicing that freedom less and less.

But, attending church on Sundays is not enough.  We need to practice what we learn, talk about it with our friends and family throughout the week.  This doesn’t have to be preachy, but telling co-workers that you attended a great Sunday service just lets the world know who you are.  There are many that desire to remove religion entirely from the public sphere.  They want nothing more than for religion to be relegated to within the churches themselves and nothing else.  They want to see an America where there is no mention of God anywhere, not on TV, not by our leaders, not in the workplace, or anywhere else.  They consider religion the proverbial Kool-Aid and think those of us foolish who subscribe to it.  And it is working, church attendance is down:
Church attendance is down
Frequency of Church Attendance (from

So, how can Americans who are religious fight back?  The problem is that religious individuals are not usually aggressive ones (with some exceptions).  Religious people are out there living their lives, raising their children, going about the business of living.  But then, maybe this is okay.  If we live with conviction of who we are, if we tell others who we are, if we practice our faith, if we go to church on Sunday and then live what we learned all week, surely these are profound ways to take stand and show those that would conspire against religion that we have not been influenced by their tactics.  Surely it honors the tradition of faith that led to the founding of this country.  Sure it sets an example to those around us that we know what is right and we will live that way regardless of all of the attempts to dissuade us from our faith.

So, if you are wondering what you should do with your Sundays, make your way to Church.  Believe it or not, you are doing good for yourself and your country.


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