Wednesday, July 10

Stupid Liberals Saying Stupid Things


Former Obama field organizer: ‘If Scott Walker was raped he would understand’ abortion

Following remarks from comedian Sarah Silverman regarding her desire to anally probe Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.), a former field organizer for Obama for America and Democratic party chair is the latest to wish harm on the governor, saying only if he were raped would Walker understand abortion.
Sheila Canfield-Jones, who according to her LinkedIn profile is the chair of Colorado’s Park County Democratsand a field organizer for President Obama’s former organization, made the comments in response to a Facebook post on the Denver Post Opinion page.
The newspaper uploaded an opinion piece about Silverman’s Twitter comment — which made headlines after it was re-tweeted by Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar (Colo.) — and Canfield-Jones weighed in.
“Thats so funny maybe if the Gov was raped he might understand ……. nah He’s a Republican,” she wrote.

Walker came under fire from Democrats for signing a bill requiring women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound before the procedure.
Neither Canfield-Jones nor Organizing for Action returned Red Alert Politics’ request for comment by the time of publication.
This piece has been updated to include new information.
Correction: While the original piece reported Sheila Canfield-Jones worked for Organizing for Action, a representative for OFA told Buzzfeed she does not work for the organization.

Liberals say the stupidest things.  What were you trying to say Sheila?  Are you trying to have us believe that no one understands abortion better than weak, timid prison inmates?

Rape and abortion are two totally different experiences, and one is not going to give someone any special insight concerning the other.  The only experience that is ever going to make anyone “understand” abortion is getting killed.

 Walker was never trying to deny rape victims access to abortion, so I don’t know what Sheila was trying to say here.  Here’s some advice, Sheila.  You’re not clever, so don’t try to act like you are. You can't pull it off.

One last thing - Check out the correction at the end of the story.  I think it’s funny how even a lefty organization like OFA, wanted to make sure that they distanced themselves from Sheila.


Ranger Bagel said...

Suggesting in this context that one only understands abortion through death is an inaccurate reading. She was speaking about the experience of the woman having the abortion. That seems pretty clear.

Further, are you offended by casual rape jokes from male comedians like Daniel Tosh?

What should be the limit on comedy? How do you gauge what's offensive and not?

conservativeBC said...

Nice try rump ranger

"experience of the woman having the abortion"

Did you know that 90% of women who have and abortion regret it? And that 80% suffer debilitating depression?

The rest are probably psychopaths...

Chris said...

I find it interesting that their presumptions on conservatives are only true if what actually happens is combined with something they heard from a cohort. Tosh? Really? I get it now! Conservatives are hypocrites because what they said contradicts that thing that my friend says they think! ...I suppose some brains just come with a governor chip.

neil schnurr said...

Ranger, I was talking about a relative experience from the fetus' point of view.

Rick Lakehomer said...

I find abortion offensive and consider it murder. Almost every lady I know who has had an abortion has deeply regretted it. Sadly this is way too many. What about what the baby is feeling as it it ripped apart and sucked into a container? Or the baby that is aborted and still alive. I find Code Pinko and Planned Parenthood way more offensive than Tosh. I personally do not listen to the likes of Tosh nor do I care for the douche bag Silverman who is a sad pathetic attention begging snag.

Why don't you try and not being so politically correct and easily offended.

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