Tuesday, July 16

What's Up My Nigga's!!!

Well, according to the illiterate ho, Rachel Jenteal, we can all now enjoy the language of the left. We can now say nigga without being a racist because, according to her, it isn't racist. Only if you add the "er" on the end does it become racist. Well, thank you, Rachel, you nigga, you have just made my day. Not much left to say, is there?


Hot Stuff said...

It's tragic that this girl went through the public education system without getting an education. There are a lot of Rachel Jenteals out there. It is cruel and does not reflect well on the writer to ridicule her.

The Conservative Wife said...

She brought this on herself by not working to apply anything to her own learning. A teacher can only do so much. She obviously doesn't care. Now she says that saying nigga is racist if an adult says it. Does she realize that she's 19? That makes her an adult. She is stupid by her own making.

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