Friday, August 9

Car Crash Angel? - Prays With Accident Victim – Then Disappears

Nothing was working; no matter how hard they tried the first responders couldn't cut the poor 19 year old Katie Lentz from her well built Mercedes. The equipment they had on hand just wasn't up to the task.

As they struggled, the grossly contorted Katie remained calm -- asking her rescuers to join her in prayer. That is when what is being called the "Missouri miracle" happened.

Despite the road being blocked for a quarter mile from both directions, a priest suddenly appeared equipped with bible and anointing oil. He prayed with Katie, and then assured the rescue team that everything was okay; she would soon be free. As if on cue, a better equipped rescue truck rolled up, promptly freeing Katie from her death trap.

The astonished first responders turned to thank the priest, but he was gone.

Video Here


Rick Lakehomer said...

Thanks BC, helped really life my day up.

conservativeBC said...

Mine too, thanks Rick...

Rick Lakehomer said...


Read this if you have not read it already from FOTM, great site BTW.

conservativeBC said...


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