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How to Steal an Election


The race for the United States Senate seat in Illinois took place on November 5, 1996. The Democrat incumbent, PAUL SIMON, chose not to run for a third term, and his party selected DICK DURBIN to run in his stead.  Republicans selected a former Illinois House member, AL SALVI.  The race was projected to be very close.  In fact, DURBIN defeated SALVI with a double-digit margin in a near blow-out.


How did Democrat DURBIN build that huge lead over SALVI?  Nothing to it! He filed charges with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against SALVI, alleging something illegal about SALVI’S loaning his campaign about a million dollars of his own money.  Candidates commonly do this, and the 7th Federal District Court dismissed the case.  The FEC appealed that decision, and the SALVI campaign spent endless hours answering questions submitted to them (sound familiar?) by the FEC and they spent over $100,000 defending that case, which was not dropped until 2000.  Of course, the Chicago newspaper printed many stories about the alleged crooked campaign of SALVI.  As a result, DURBIN won the election handily.


Who was the super-aggressive head of the enforcement division of the FEC in 1996?


LOIS LERNER—who, according to SALVI, telephoned him at one point to advise if he would drop out of the race and promise not to run for office in the future, the FEC charges would be dropped.


Fast forward to late 2010.  This time, it is a presidential election that is supposed to go right down to the wire, in spite of the poor economy and other problems that the sitting president is dealing with.  The Democrats had taken a real shellacking in the November elections; particularly in the house.  With the tremendous interest in the election whipped up mostly by the Tea Party, sentiment was running strong against the administration and its policies.  What are the Progressives and OBAMA to do?


Suddenly, Democratic Senators became alarmed about the use by political parties of a PAC for raising money called the 501(c) 4.  These are supposedly “social welfare” groups who are allowed to spend money on elections, provided it does not exceed 50% of the money it raises.  Got that?  So these Democrat Senators petition the IRS to investigate conservative groups who are taking advantage of these PACs to raise more money for their candidates of choice.  No need to look at Progressive groups—they are not cheating.


Guess who was Director of Enforcement for that particular branch of the IRS?  Our good friend, LOIS LERNER.  She was the chosen replacement for SARAH HALL INGRAM, who left her job to become Director of the Affordable Care Act implementation—implemented by . . . the IRS!








SARAH INGRAM earned her new promotion by instituting the program that LOIS LERNER developed to a fine art—that of denying 501(c) 4 status to those trying to assist MITT ROMNEY and other Republican candidates—Tea Party applicants.


Remember—in the Illinois Senate race in 1996, where the race was thought to be very close, the FEC attack on AL SALVI, with the assistance of media stories about his alleged wrongdoing, created enough of a diversion of effort and money that it made that race a walk-over win by DURBIN. 


With that knowledge, and with uber-partisan LERNER no longer working for the FEC but now in the IRS, the temptation was too much for the Progressives to withstand—had they ever thought once of trying to do the right and honest thing—and a two-pronged assault was launched to help OBAMA defeat MITT ROMNEY.


First, you smear ROMNEY as a super rich man incapable of understanding what real people have to deal with.  You accuse him of all kinds of wrong-doing, up to and including murder (remember STEPHANIE CUTTER?). 


Then you sic the IRS on all applicants for 501(c) 4 status that have the words Tea Party, Patriot, Constitution, etc.—any word conservatives use to identify themselves—and you slow-walk their applications.  More than that, you ask all kinds of personal, sensitive questions and you request mountains of information from these applicants.  In short, you intimidate the hell out of them so that they forget all about trying to raise money for conservative candidates OR participating in efforts to get out the vote.  These underhanded maneuvers absolutely eliminated the Tea Party as a factor in the election of 2012.  That is the long and short of it.  Their success is obvious.


CATHERINE ENGELBRECHT, Houston, Texas, formed an association with the menacing title, “True the Vote”—for the stated purpose of monitoring polling places to help ascertain that those who participated in the process were indeed eligible voters.  Not only was she descended upon by the IRS, but the FBI, ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) and even OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Agency) also made calls on the ENGELBRECHT’S home and business—all within a single year.  Coincidence, do you suppose?  Are the ENGELBRECHTS just out-and-out criminals?  Or was their one unforgivable sin that they started a group in opposition to the Progressives and President Obama?


Now we find that the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) may also have helped the administration put a stranglehold on conservative PACs.  They were certainly asked to do so by Progressives.  Who else might have aided in this nefarious effort?  Well, how many federal agencies are there?  That would be a good place to start.  If they could arrange it, every federal agency in America participated in stealing the election of 2012.








Is what the Progressives and Obama did crooked?  Certainly.  Dishonest?  Indubitably.  But it is the sort of bold outright theft of an election that, with the active assistance of the back alley media (once referred to as ‘Mainstream Media’), OBAMA will get away with.


I cannot say with any degree of certainty that the plan(s) to steal that election originated with Barack Obama.  Perhaps somebody else came up with the idea.  But if you are naive enough to believe the President had no knowledge of this plan, I have some good bottom land in the Gobi Desert to sell you.  I do believe that he knew about these plans and was very much in favor of them.  After all, this is just Chicago politics as usual.


Is there a single individual associated with the OBAMA administration that you would trust in any matter?  I know of none.  And that is a sad commentary on our government.  It is quite apparent that truth, honesty, character—these are words without meaning to today’s Progressives.




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