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Progressives Love for America - Part II


Progressives Love for America – Part II 

Have you noticed how infrequently Progressives use the word, “love”?  Except in a pejorative sense, such as, “I love to stick it to those horrible conservatives!”  The titular leader of Progressives, Barack Obama, seems to find the words, “Love” and “America” to be mutually exclusive; never to be used in the same sentence. 

You would be excused if you were under the impression that Barack Obama wanted to become the President of the United States in the run-up to his initial election.  He presented a picture of someone who believed he could help America overcome some of her problems and prejudices.  Once elected, his attitude changed 180 degrees.  One would think from his description of his country that the voters had dumped all over the man. 

Shortly after becoming President, he made a world tour, apologizing to anyone who would listen for all the ills and sins our country had foisted upon the other nations of the world.  We were arrogant, colonialists, condescending, snobbish, elitist—I can’t recall all our shortcomings that he enumerated.  And while I listened closely, I never heard him say anything positive about our country. 

It got so bad that I felt sorry for the poor guy, being saddled with representation of such a horrible nation.  I suggested we could perhaps work out an agreement with Chad, or Lichtenstein, or Guyana—some country of which he could be proud.  It’s too much to expect a person to carry the shame and humility of representing what he would have had foreigners believe was the most horrid country in the world.  Poor fellow. 

Back home from his apology tour, Obama immediately set out to save our country from the ravages of “the worst depression since the 1930s”; a depression he had inherited from George W. Bush, who, according to Obama, was responsible for every ill afflicting our country for the next five years of his (Obama’s) presidency.  The way Obama proposed to right the ship of state and get us back on the road to fiscal recovery was to . . . Spend more money!  Take the nation deeper in debt to provide “shovel-ready” jobs working for the federal government ala the Civil Conservation Corps of the 1930s; building roads and repairing other infrastructure.  The cost was about one trillion dollars, and the stimulus that never was created . . . No jobs that can be directly attributed to the stimulus. 

Did Obama and the Progressives really believe that the stimulus WOULD produce jobs?  I listened to a number of Republican apologists four plus years ago opine that the President was “misguided, mistaken or getting bad counsel”. 

I don’t think that for a moment.  I believe this was a very deliberate attempt to run our nation even more deeply into debt—and for a very specific reason.  Stay with me now.

Back in the mid-1960s, a group was formed that called themselves the National Welfare Rights Organization.  The founder of NWRO was George Wiley, with the able assistance of Wade Rathke.  Their purpose, adopted from an article in The Nation magazine in 1966 co-authored by Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven and entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty”, was to enroll millions of the nation’s poor on welfare rolls—even those who were only marginally poor or who earned too much money to qualify—so as to overwhelm the subsistence programs of federal and state governments.  When the governments were driven to financial ruin, NWRO, ACORN, et al had plans to assist in establishing a government that would give every American a guaranteed income—whether he worked or not.  Ahh—the Socialist’s Nirvana! 

Far-fetched as this may sound, the plan almost succeeded in California and other states.  The city of New York was driven to the point of bankruptcy by a Progressive mayor who supported all the free-money programs.  The city was bailed out of the jam by the Teacher’s Union, who made them a sizable loan to forestall bankruptcy at the last moment. Then Rudy Giuliani was elected.  He ended all such programs in his city. 

Progressive members of both houses of Congress, along with late President Lyndon Johnson, foolishly or deliberately, did everything they could to hasten the nation towards the brink of insolvency with a program called Community Action Program.  Alas, changes in leadership in all the aforementioned affected governmental entities aborted the effort to bankrupt our country. 

Let me ask you:  Have the Progressives done or said anything in the past 50 or so years that would convince you they have given up on that goal of a perfect Socialist nation?  As Al Gore so brilliantly posed it, “Does a Tiger change his spots”?  Yes, every Progressive is so intelligent! 

No, the stimulus was not an Obama mistake.  It accomplished many things the Progressives intended it to.  It filled campaign coffers for Obama and the Progressives.  It allowed the Progressives to pay back big and important supporters.  And it drove America much deeper into debt.  Jobs?  What jobs?  As Obama might say, if he ever had an honest moment, “We don’t need no stinkin’ jobs!” 

Next came the President’s Green Campaign.  No more would America use carbon-producing fossil fuels like coal, oil or even natural gas.  No, without the slightest idea that the replacements would work, we were going to put all our money into the production of Green energy—wind, solar, geothermal, hydro and more.  Can we develop sufficient energy to keep our factories, even our cars going?  Who knows? And in the case of the Progressives, who cares? 

First, they began dismantling the coal industry. According to a Daily Caller article 10/4/2012, up to 17,000 coal jobs will be lost with the implementation of Obama’s Green program.  205 coal-fired generating plants will be shut down. 

That’s alright.  Natural gas is cheaper. 

 True, maybe, but the expense of switching over from coal to natural gas is expected to greatly increase the cost of producing electricity.  And the administration’s own EPA opposes ‘fracking’, the best way to greatly increase the amount of natural gas available. 

How about the oil industry?  President Obama keeps holding up approval for the Keystone Pipeline, projected to move 830,000 barrels of Canadian sand oil per day from Alberta, Canada to Houston, Texas.  The project would last two years, and provide anywhere between 6,500 and 20,000 jobs—depending upon whose estimate you read.  President Obama said the other day it would only produce fifty permanent jobs; maybe as few as five jobs.  The man is either super ignorant, or he is lying to the American people, as usual. That kind of caustic sarcasm would fit a five-year-old.
; not the President of the United States.

America has enough oil and natural gas reserves—much of it deep down and in shale rock, which might make it a little harder to reach.  But we have the technology to tap those resources; enough to take care of all our needs for more than 100 years.  Why do Obama and the environmentalists oppose this drilling? 

It would be one thing if we could switch immediately to green sources of energy without sacrificing our standard of living and status as a super power.  We don’t; we can’t.  But we are being asked to destroy our ability to produce and maintain our millions of productive workers on full-time jobs.  If we lose our industry—maybe we already have lost a significant portion of it—can we ever regain our status as the richest nation in the world?   Why put that question to the test? 

Under the guise of “fairness”, President Obama and the Progressives want to tax our small companies out of business.  These are the principal employers in America, and Progressives want to make it unprofitable for them to hire more workers—even to maintain the ones they have on the payroll—in order to redistribute the wealth.  Most of these small business owners worked their butts off to build that business, and they are being asked, now that they are earning a profit, to forfeit that profit in order to maintain 50% of Americans on food stamps, welfare or some other kind of subsistence.  Where is the “fairness” in that?  And why would a man or woman make the kind of sacrifices these people had to make in order to get where they are just to support the poor in the style to which Obama has made them accustomed? 

There are a myriad other ways this President has demonstrated his disdain for America.  Like holding his left hand over the right side of his chest, or making a bizarre salute with his hand over his crotch, when the National Anthem is being played.  Mistakes?  Yeah, sure.  Oh, there is so much more! 

Would a President who loved his country sit under the preaching of Jeremiah Wright, the white baiter and America hater, for more than twenty years?  Would he befriend William Ayers, a devout communist (with a small “c”, he says) who as a member of the radical Weather Underground bombed American police stations, the Pentagon and power plants? Would a lover of America apologize to the world for his country, and never say a good thing about her?  Would he engage in a plan to destroy America by leading her to fiscal ruin?   

Would he allow four Americans to die (at least one of them a horrible, ignominious death) and lie about the reason for the attack in which they were killed, keeping the criminal incompetence and dereliction of duty on the parts of members of his administration hidden from the American people, just to win an election?  Would he destroy Americans’ confidence in their government by using government agencies (IRS, FBI, ATF, Justice Department, the Federal Election Commission) to punish those Tea Party patriots whose only crime was they did not support his bid for re-election.  Actually, they were trying to do him a favor. Why would he seek to govern a nation he hates? 

It would be a little late now for Obama to discover that he does love America.  Would you believe him if he said he does?  With the unstinting support of the back-alley media (they’re no longer main stream with me), Obama is set upon bringing America to what he feels is her deserved place—as a third or fourth-tier country; not the super power that he inherited. 

Does Obama love America? 

Do PROGRESSIVES love America? 

As I've said before, not my America! 

I don’t know whether it would be kosher to say so, but neither would I love the America that Progressives are trying to make of my country.

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