Saturday, August 17

The stupidity of riding the Islamic tiger

The situation in Egypt is rapidly descending into civil war. Whether full blown civil war and chaos erupts may not known for the next few days or weeks. The Egyptian military made the correct move in ousting Morsi and so what if it is coup? The only reason the fascists in the Obama regime have not called it a coup is so military aid will not be stopped to Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood wanted to Islamize all of Egypt and force shariah law upon the the Egyptian people. They made their agenda quite clear and in a little over a year the Egyptian military had seen enough and so had the people. This is where Egypt stands today. The Muslim Brotherhood has vowed to fight to the death and the military should gladly oblige the Brothers and eradicate the the Muslim Brotherhood into extinction. Hosni Mubarak outlawed the the MB and for good reason. Mubarak is now gone and now the Muslim Brotherhood must eliminated by the Egyptian military. There should be no negotiations or deals with these radical Muslims who only want to see radical Islam backed and run through shariah law, imposed on all of Egypt.

The ignorance, the stupidity of the West, Europe and at times even Russia in wanting to tame the radicals of Islam has surfaced again. One would think that all the years since 1979 and the Iran hostage crisis, the 1980 attack of the Marine barracks, the first attack on the WTC in 1993, 9/11/2001, the Benghazi terrorist attack would have proven NO ONE is able to ride the Islamic tiger.

Confidential Reporter has  some words of wisdom regarding the situation in Egypt. Remember, Foreign Confidential has been spot on target in predicting so many events that have come to pass when other sites and people epically failed in this arena. Western support has done nothing but embolden the Muslim Brotherhood. Kerry, Obama, McCain, and Graham are fools and Obama's policy to the Muslim world HAS BEEN ANOTHER MASSIVE FOREIGN POLICY FAILURE!

Now the talking heads of Europistan are chiming in like the lemmings they are, totally clueless to history. I will let Confidential Reporter take it home from here. Thanks to CR for letting me steal these posts. PatriotUSA


Germany's Foreign Minister Says Civil War Possible in Egypt

But Call for Negotiations Likely to Embolden Islamists 

Germany's foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle, agrees with Foreign Confidential that the Islamist insurrection in Egypt could turn into a civil war. 

But by pressuring Egypt's interim government to negotiate with the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies, the German foreign minister is effectively emboldening them to continue their violent struggle.

Foreign Confidential predicted this, too--the ways in which Western governments, including the United States, would foolishly try to save the Islamists from defeat.

Tragically, Washington and its European allies still cling to the hoary strategy of trying to manipulate rightwing political Islam (Islamism) and overlapping organized Islam, believing, even 12 years after the horrific blowback of 9/11, that it is possible to ride the clerical fascist tiger without being eaten.

What if Hitler Had Been Ousted?

The foreign minister of Germany should be reminded that had his country's military removed Adolf Hitler--whose Nazi movement inspired the Muslim Brotherhood's formation in the 1920s--after he came to power through parliamentary means, backed by street battles, terrorism and thuggery, there would have been no Holocaust, no Second World War. Perhaps 80 million lives (the exact number of people killed in the deadliest-ever conflict is unknown) would have been saved.

Source is here. 


Street Battles Rage in Egypt

An Islamist insurrection is plunging Egypt into chaos and anarchy.

Read more.

As predicted, the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies are emboldened by Western government expressions of support and sympathy.

But Saudi Arabia is supporting Egypt's interim military government.
Source is here.

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