Saturday, August 3

Zealot...Reza Aslan Is A Progressive P.O.S.

Glenn Beck Discusses Reza Aslans Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth on TheBlaze TV

I haven't written anything in a couple of weeks. Even though there is something new to write about daily. The progressives and mindless followers are coming out in droves. I keep telling myself that this is only their 15 minutes of fame in God's time. Even still, it is hard to stomach sometimes. But now we have this asshole who thinks he is some sort of expert on Jesus Christ because he has a PhD. He let us know clearly that he has one because he felt the need to mention it a jillion times on TV. Here are his words:

I am a scholar of religions with four degrees including one in the New Testament . . . I am an expert with a Ph.D. in the history of religions . . . I am a professor of religions, including the New Testament–that’s what I do for a living, actually . . . To be clear, I want to emphasize one more time, I am a historian, I am a Ph.D. in the history of religions.

Now, to be "fair", he does have 4 degrees. In 1995 he earned a B.A. in religion from Santa Clara University. He earned a Masters in 1999 from Harvard in Theological studies. In 2002, he earned a Master of Fine Arts in Fiction from the University of Iowa and then in 2009, he earned his PhD in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. So yes, he does have a Sociology. So he is a liar when he says he has a PhD in the history of religions. He is also not a historian and he isn't a professor of religions. He is an associate professor in the creative writing program at the University of California, Riverside. So again, he is a liar.

And his dissertation? It was titled, "Global Jihadism as a Transnational Social Movement: A Theoretical Framework." This is where his passion lies. In "creatively" writing a change in history. That's what the progressives want. They wish to change the way our history is relayed to the coming generations because in doing so, eventually no one is left who knows the truth and they can have it written any way they choose.

Mr. Aslan is also financially connected to Code Pink, the Tides Foundation, the Center for American Progress, and the International Crisis Group. These all lead back to George Soros. The head Kenite in charge. It was the Kenites who crucified Christ, (it is written) and it seems that even now, it is a Kenite who is set on destroying Him again. However, I have read the back of The Book so I know who the ultimate winner is.

And just for future reference, Mr. Aslan, you might want to consider keeping your mouth shut about your so called PhD. For you and the rest of your kind, it stands for Perianal Head Dislodgment. (That means your head is lost somewhere in the vicinity of your ass) But you go ahead and keep talking out of it... the rest of the liberals and idiots hear you loud and clear as you have a tin can phone system linking each of you together. The echo is great in there so you have no problem hearing one another.

As for the book, I haven't, nor will I read it. I don't have to. I won't read a book about my Lord and Savior written by some Muslim Jihad sympathizer. Go to hell, Aslan. The only book we need has already been written. It's called the Bible. And your spot is not our spot.


neil schnurr said...

Good to see you back. What, were you on vacation or something?

The Conservative Wife said...

Mother in law visit for 2 looong weeks... Sigh

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