Monday, September 9

Ann Coulter: Putin Is Making a Monkey Out of Obama on Syria - Hannity - ...

WeAreTheSavageNation - Ann Coulter joined Sean Hannity on Monday night to bash President Obama for a failure of leadership on Syria. Hannity called Obama "confused" and "wimpy," while Coulter derided the White House for thinking this is a simple Aaron Sorkin monologue away from being solved, adding that she believes Vladimir Putin has made Obama into a "monkey" on Syria.

Hannity found the day's events "embarrassing" for Obama, while Coulter acknowledged that Kerry's off-the-cuff comment about Syria handing over their chemical weapons was ver cleverly snatched up by Putin. Hannity was astonished that Putin appears to be the "great peacemaker" in all this, with Coulter saying he's "looking like a man" while Obama looks week.

She reminded Hannity how much the media ("Obama's PR crew") mocked Mitt Romney last year for saying Russia is America's "number one geopolitical foe." After using the Obama-as-Putin's-"monkey" line again, Hannity asked her why she's using that word specifically. Coulter simply insisted that "Putin is playing with him and making him look ridiculous."

Coulter concluded, "We don't go around and intervene with an unbelievably small attack every time something bad happens in the world."

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