Tuesday, September 3

Bush Light - Dem Rep. Wasserman-Schultz: 'Dozens' of Other Nations Will Back Us Militarily in Syria

WeAreTheSavageNation - The British Parliament's vote against military action in Syria dealt a minor setback to the United States' planned strikes, making France currently the only other nation considering such action (though the French president has said he will wait to see how the U.S. Congress votes first). There appears to be no massive coalition at play here, but on CNN Monday night, Democratic congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz told Wolf Blitzer that "dozens" of other nations will aid the U.S.' military efforts in Syria.

Wasserman-Schultz credited President Obama for giving Congress the ability to vote on a resolution, echoing John McCain by saying somewhat confidently that "risking the credibility of the United States by voting no and voting this down would be catastrophic."

Blitzer asked Wasserman-Schultz about other countries getting involved, and she claimed that if the U.S. strikes Syria, it will have a firm coalition behind it.

"From the briefings that I've received, there are dozens of countries who are going to stand with the United States, who will engage with us on military action and also that back us up 100 percent."
Wasserman-Schultz did not provide further details, but assured Blitzer that these dozens of nations will provide the United States with military, diplomatic, and political support.

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