Thursday, September 12

Kudos To NBC?

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Kudos to NBC (MSNBC) for yesterday’s airing of the September 11, 2001 attack as it played out that day, instead of their normal morning programming.

While I don’t normally turn to their network as I enjoy my morning coffee, I found myself glued for hours as I recalled a day I’ll never forget…a day nobody should ever forget!

I saw the news re: New York as I left for work that day, and was in DC when the Pentagon was attacked.

My wife actually witnessed the plane fly into the Pentagon as she was driving to work…close enough to feel the heat from the blast through closed windows. She is still affected by that sight today!

I remember her hysterical phone call(s), and me not able to get to her. All I could do was tell her to drive home, but NOT THROUGH THE CITY as she would normally have done.

I remember what would normally have been a 40 minute drive home turn into 6 hours as I and everyone else fled the city.

And, I remember my return to the city and seeing armed National Guard troops throughout. It was then that I realized our way of life had changed…the world had changed.

With that said, there was a time NBC could report the news without bias, and their coverage that day was impeccable...

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