Wednesday, September 25

Letter To John Cornyn. Use This To Send To Your Senator.

I sent this letter to John Cornyn. Please feel free to use it, change it, whatever to send to your Senator. Do it today. We need to help Ted Cruz and stand with him against Obamacare.

Dear Senator Cornyn:

I am writing to ask you to support the will of the people and vote against cloture on funding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. You know there is a fight in the Senate for this right now. I have to wonder if you have even heard the voice of the people concerning Obamacare? I hope, sir, that today you hear my voice as a roaring in your ears from many voices as one. We The People do not want this. If you will just stop and think for a moment, you will know this to be true.

You know we have been lied to. Obamacare was supposed to save people money and instead it is causing people to be dropped from their healthcare providers and how many people have already had a cut in their hours or lost their job altogether because of this? This bill will not save people money. It will not be better for the Country. It has already made things worse. Now, as people are having their hours cut, how will they afford this “tax”? Nancy Pelosi has said that she is happy people have had their hours cut because now they can pursue their dreams and not be tied to 40 hour work week. Harry Reid has said that even though he and his wife live alone, they still buy food. Well, good for Mr. Reid, that he is able to still enjoy looking around the grocery store and is able to buy food. For most, a trip to the store is stressful. We look at the prices and know that we can only get what we can so we can feed our families. By voting for cloture, sir, you are deciding to stand with these people and with Obama. You are deciding to stand against the American people.

Senator Ted Cruz is the only one who has stood strong in his convictions against Obamacare and he is standing even now for the American people. This has set many Republicans on edge and they are against him. If this bill is so great, then why are so many people trying to get waivers for it? Congress has a waiver. The labor unions tried to get one. Why? Because it is bad for business and it is bad for America. People are struggling enough as it is. We don’t have nice cushy jobs where our salary is paid by other Americans. And we certainly do not have perks afforded to us as those afforded to those in office. People like you, Senator. You have been elected to serve us. We pay your salary. It seems as though, you have a puss and boots face before you get elected and then turn into Cujo against the people after you are sitting comfortably behind your desk.

This isn’t about a Republican issue verses a Democrat issue. This is about standing strong against this fundamental transformation of America. The only campaign promise Obama has kept. America has changed. Look around, Senator. Our society has morally decayed. God is removed. The Constitution has been trampled upon and Obama’s face adorns our flag. There have been more “scandals” with this President then with any other. Do you speak out against Benghazi? The IRS? Fast and Furious? NSA spying? Drone use against American’s? How about Syria and the rush to war with them? And how about the fact that Russia looks like the World leader while America looks like a fool? Do these things matter to you? If you are only going to vote for what YOU feel is best, then perhaps you should become a private citizen like the rest of us because that is not what we hired you to do. And if you vote for Cloture on this, you will not receive my vote ever again. And I will let my voice be heard so that others do the same. Would a Democrat then take your seat? Maybe, but, to quote Hillary, “What difference would it make” if you are only going to vote with them and for them? The American people are not stupid, sir. We see and know what is going on and we hire people to do something about it. Not to become a building block for more of the same.

I hope sir, that you have truly listened today and that you will stand with Mr. Cruz. Doing so would show that you are standing with America and not against her.
A. Petree

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