Sunday, September 1

Obama’s No-fault Government

Has anyone in the Obama administration been held accountable for any mistake or outright illegal act he or she might have committed? Anybody?  

About 2000 weapons (at least that number) were sold illegally to middle men who delivered many of the guns to members of the Mexican drug cartels.  At least one Border Patrolman was killed with one of those illegally purchased weapons; we have no idea how many Mexican citizens have been murdered with guns delivered to Cartel members by the “Fast and Furious” program—you know, the one the Attorney General knew nothing about until it was all over?.  How many people were prosecuted for this egregious law-breaking?  Zero. Nada. Zip. None.  Oh, some minor player from ATF was forced (allowed) to retire, and one or two more were transferred—without reduction in pay or status—but nobody was prosecuted. 

The IRS, the Federal Election Commission, the FBI, ATF, OSHA—how many other federal agencies we don’t know—all were willfully used to investigate, intimidate, threaten, harass and bully average American citizens for the terrible crime of organizing to defeat Obama in a presidential election.  The targeted people feared even to “peaceably assemble” for the purpose of discussing ways and means of accomplishing their stated goal, lest they be accused of violating some obscure law.  The above federal agencies, and particularly the Internal Revenue Service, threatened and intimidated Tea Party organizers to the point they were completely removed as a factor in the 2012 presidential election. They had no time to register or encourage conservative voters.  They were too busy trying to stay out of jail!  They were treated as though what they were doing was a horrible crime, when they were doing no more than they did in the 2010 elections which produced a landslide victory for conservative/Tea Party candidates.   All of this activity on the parts of the IRS, FBI, ATF, etc. denied these patriotic citizens the ability to exercise the rights guaranteed to them by the U S Constitution.  Who has been convicted and gone to prison for these crimes?  Nobody.  One IRS official was allowed to retire (full retirement) two months before he had intended to anyway.  Another who availed herself of her fifth-amendment right against self-incrimination was put on administrative leave—with pay—and given large bonuses for her great work on behalf of the IRS.  Not only has nobody been prosecuted, no prosecutions are anticipated against anyone in the IRS.  These very egregious acts might very well have swayed (stolen!) an election, and were entirely illegal.  Shouldn’t somebody go to jail? 

On September 11, 2012, the US Ambassador to Libya was assassinated, along with three other Americans.  This Ambassador had pleaded with the State Department for additional security for several months.  The British legation had been withdrawn from Benghazi after attacks on embassy property and personnel.  Everybody knew that place was a powder keg.   

The Daily Beast reported that ‘In June a Facebook page associated with militants linked to the late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi posted a threat to Stevens based on the route he took for his morning jog. The Facebook page also posted a picture of Stevens.’  Twice, the consulate in Benghazi was bombed, one EID blowing a gaping hole in the perimeter wall.  Rather than send more men to protect the Ambassador and the consulate, the State Department drew down some of those assigned there.  Unbelievable! Not only did they not get more men, State took some away from them.  Who in the world did our State Department believe had a greater need for these security officers than did our consular installations and personnel in Libya? 

After the facility in Benghazi was attacked, men on the ground asked for reinforcements; Special Forces to come to their rescue.  They were denied this assistance, even though men trained for this particular exigency were standing by, some as near as Tripoli, ready and willing to go to their aid.  Somebody gave them the order to “stand down”.  Who gave that order?  Nobody has owned up to it.  Because of that order, at least two more men died and many others were placed unnecessarily in grave danger.  Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said relief could not have arrived in time to be of help.  He is a liar.  Nobody knew how long the attack would last. Relief from Italy could have arrived before the final assault on the consular annex building, during which two former Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, were killed. 

Four mid-level employees of State were placed on administrative leave—with pay.  Greg Hicks, the man left in charge after Ambassador Steven’s death, was removed from his job—apparently because he was too critical of the administration’s lack of response.  Just this week, current Secretary of State John Kerry reinstated the four mid-level State employees.  Greg Hicks?  Well, he is still in limbo. 

It wasn’t Obama’s fault.  It wasn’t Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s fault.  It wasn’t Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s fault. It wasn’t CIA Chief David Petraeus’s fault.  Did ANYBODY do anything that was more than a minor, technical error? Or, should we simply accept Secretary of State Clinton’s assessment, “What difference, at this point, does it make?” 

When four Americans, including our Ambassador to that country, die at the hands of terrorists and thugs and there is absolutely no serious response, some American is guilty of criminal malfeasance, at the very least.  

In spite of President Obama’s promise to bring those responsible for the deaths of those four Americans to justice, no arrests have been made.  Nobody—Libyan or American—has been held accountable for ANYTHING in connection with that massacre in Benghazi. 

In this, the most litigious society in history, where the most frequent advertisements on television are those of attorneys begging someone to sue somebody else for some real or perceived wrong or malfeasance—with the strong implication that if something bad happened, somebody must be held responsible—how is it that our government (read “the Obama Administration”) and no attorney save Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice with the guts to pursue remedies, finds any fault (warranting punishment) with the performance of anyone associated with the Obama Administration?  In ANY regard! Remarkable!  Also . .  Unbelievable.

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