Thursday, September 26

Republicrats Have No Honor

I have just about had it with these RINO's thinking they are speaking for the whole of the Republican party. It is no wonder we can't win a damned election. The only reason we re-gained control of the House was because of the Tea Party. And then what happened? As soon as some of them were elected, they turned on the very people who put them there. I am sick of listening to the senile John McCain. I do not want to hear anything from little Lindsey Graham. Peter King? Just SHUT UP already.

All of these assholes, and many more, are speaking out against Ted Cruz.If these people truly cared about America and Americans, they would be listening to the voice of the People. Instead, they are listening to the whisper of promised fortune and power. Peter King gave an interview to CNN to speak against Ted Cruz. CNN! That's right, go speak to the ones whom you really serve, Peter. And John McCain also spoke out against Ted Cruz. Telling him the people spoke and we lost. No, John, YOU lost. Ted is fighting for us.

I am absolutely disgusted by these people and quite frankly, Rand Paul is starting to piss me off, too. And our Senator here in Texas, John Cornyn? He will not ever get my vote again! In fact, he's up for re-election in 2014. I think it may be time to throw my hat in that ring. I would LOVE to debate that asshole.

We The People are fed up with the stupidity of the establishment GOP. And we will more than gladly VOTE YOU ALL OUT! We need a new party. I will no longer associate myself with these Republicrats. It is getting harder to tell who is who anymore. If we do not stand and support people like Ted Cruz, then we are completely lost as a Nation. But just because these so called "Republicans" are withering and whining doesn't mean the rest of us are finished! I know I won't stop until I take my last breath. It's time to take our Country back, people! Let's Roll!

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Carol-Christian Soldier said...

Totally RIGHT ON!!!

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