Monday, September 30

RINO…And Proud of It?

Apparently I’m a RINO. And, not just a normal RINO… a “big-spending” one at that!

You see, I don’t care about a repeal of the medical device tax…at this time.

And, I don’t care if the individual mandate is put off for a year, or not.

Although, I do wonder “why not” in light of those organizations already receiving a delay, and/or waiver, from the effects of “Obama-Care.”

No…I want “Obama-Care” repealed in its entirety.

If that make me a RINO, I gladly assume the title. Just so long as we come up with another title for John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and the likes!

You see, I’m a realist. And, I realize the only way to repeal “Obama-Care” is with votes…votes the GOP simply doesn't have at this time!

With that in mind, why risk political repercussions in the 2014 election cycle, with a potential government shutdown today?
“But, Mr. Rooster…certainly the Democrats will take the blame for that”
And, I've got a bridge in New York to sell you…

Democrats control the Senate and the Executive Branch…we’re outgunned on this one!

Even Ted Cruz, God bless his heart, would admit so.

While I respect Ted’s position (and select others), let’s look at the current budget negotiation from its eventual end result…

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