Tuesday, September 24

Ted Cruz: We Need to Make DC Listen - #DefundObamacare


Alex Parsons said...

Ted Cruz Is a true man of the people!

Bev Nachreiner said...

Here is Hawaii (on local News 2 weeks ago) Look it up they are training dogs downtown to go house to house and have the dogs smell people to determine if they have diseases. Took only 2000 years ton go from Mans dominion over the beasts to the Beast over Man. One choice either follow the Sinless Man who said I am like a doctor the well do not need my help but the sick do or you can follow the Man of Sin The beast who says YES WE CAN like Darwin fix the fittest and let the worthless sick eat cake!

Koibaby said...

Second wind soon! :)

Teresa Rose said...

I want to defund Obama care because it takes control away from the American families.Being old and a cancer patient I would qualify for Obama"s death panels, but I don't believe they should have them.

Joyce Robinson said...

This is true leadership ---can we clone Cruz?!!!!

Schnoodle said...

I want to defund Obamacare because Nancy Pelosi still hasn't finished reading it.....neither has anyone else! And we still don't know everything that's in it.

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