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The Liberty Amendments by Mark Levin, Part II

by Mark A. Cohen

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...Continued from last week’s post:

 They call him ‘The Great One.’  There’s a reason.
They call him ‘The Great One.’ There’s a reason.

Left-wing radicals would have you believe that Constitutionalist and talk show host Mark Levin is a radical. He’s nothing of the sort. An author of five books (an intellectual and thinker), he believes that the U.S. is in “an age of post-constitutional tyranny.” Levin believes that the public is not being informed, but misled by its leaders. This is why he is gaining ground with so many.

 Levin on radio.
Levin on radio.

Mark Levin calls the U.S. Department of Energy the Department of No Energy because items that produce vast amounts of real energy (oil, coal, nuclear) are generally diminished and opposed by the Obama Administration. The things that don’t produce much energy - if any - are touted as great (wind turbines, solar, and bio-fuels such as algae). An administration such as this is for “no energy.” Even open-minded Democrats and environmentalists can understand the irony and appreciate the humor.

 Ameritopia, by Mark Levin.
Ameritopia, by Mark Levin.

”The system is broken because we’re unmoored from the Constitution,” he said, on Hannity, on August 16, 2013. (Yes, on Hannity! The other networks won’t let him communicate his ideas to you.) Levin cites the imploding and yet expanding federal government (think about that for a minute), and an out-of-control national debt, with unfunded liabilities now approaching $90 trillion – only a few years ago just under $70 trillion. “The notion of limited government was all swept away with a big exclamation mark with Obamacare and so many laws before it.”

 Will you make wise-cracks, or take notice and consider these ideas?
Will you make wise-cracks, or take notice and consider these ideas?

Don’t take my word for it, Read Cal Thomas’ assessment of Levin’s new book.

Just so you don’t say I ignore the other side, or get my news from only one source, you’re free to read some criticism of Levin by Ana Marie Cox, who writes about “politics and whatever” (not my words) at The Guardian. Her outrage, when confronted with new ideas is entangled with the usual paranoia, closed-mindedness, and name-calling, as she says his objectives are to “disempower anyone” who disagrees with him. [In my travels From the Left to the Right, I found out that this is a fallacy in left-wing thinking; no one on the right is out to oppress anyone!] Levin never uses race in his arguments, but Cox sure does, and without much intellectual grounding, I might add. She drips with sarcasm and ridicule, without using any substantive arguments against his, as she calls them, “zombie ideas.” Ana Marie Cox, like many, won’t ever seriously consider Levin’s concepts. What would you expect from a mostly-brainwashed populous, thoughtfulness?

The Unmaking of America.
The Unmaking of America.

No, I am not a Constitutional scholar – and this is not a book review. However, I like Mark Levin’s ideas for amending the Constitution. According to lawyer and author David Limbaugh (not Rush, but his brother), Levin attempts to revitalize, not destroy the Constitution. His idea to limit the terms of Supreme Court Justices makes sense. So does the call for a national convention to amend the Constitution.

Here’s David Limbaugh’s recent article on Levin’s Amendments.

Who can argue with Mark Levin when he states that America is no longer a federal, constitutional, or representative republic, and points out that our crushing out-of-control debt is so high, and says that the past and current presidents have threatened to rule by executive order? He says we are being manipulated by Washington. No kidding! He asks, referring mainly to Obamacare, “How the hell can you have a representative republic and an informed republic, with the manner in which they’re passing these massive bills?” Good question.

Check out the Terrence P. Jeffrey Interview of Levin at CNS News


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