Tuesday, September 24

To Fund, Or Not To Fund…That Is The Question.

Better stated, is the battle over “Obama-Care” (now) a fight the GOP can win?

Ted Cruz believes so, as do other “Tea Party Anarchists” (as they’re now called). But, they are wrong.

Boehner’s stance today will morph into a compromise with Democrats towards a last minute deal, and GOP “RINO’s” will team with their peers on the left to pass a budget…err…continuing resolution funding the government through December.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of the “Affordable Care Act” and have already experienced its wrath:
I was promised lower premiums, yet mine have already increased by more than $100 a month, with an additional increase expected in 2014.
I was promised I could continue the long term relationship I enjoy with my preferred Doctors. Yet, many of them have chosen retirement than to comply with the new regulations.
I will not qualify for a subsidy to off-set the increased premiums, because I am considered “rich” under the legislation.
I am one of the “Tea Party Anarchists” Harry Reid refers to, and want “Obama-Care” to disappear!

But, I’m also a realist...

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