Saturday, September 21

When Did Everything Become A Right In This Country?

I was watching T.V. the other day, when a story came up about Obama-Care, on the screen was a liberal saying, “at least, health care is now a right.” As I sat there I said to myself, Just what we need another right in this country, I mean really, it seems everything is a right these days. This society is rights crazy. We are drunk with rights. Everything is a person’s right. There is no such thing as common sense anymore. Because now-a-day it doesn’t matter if somebody does something wrong, because it’s their right to do it. It is a teachers right to teach our young kids to put a condom on a cucumber at school. However, does it make sense? It is a school’s right to give 13 and 14 year old girls birth control pills. But does it make sense? If a child has a headache at school they are not allowed to give them an aspirin. But here’s a birth control pill, go have fun. Make sense? Our children can’t pray or pledge allegiance to our flag. Make sense?   Read more.

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