Thursday, October 17

It's Just THEFT Is What it is

Liberalism is a scam designed to steal money from the taxpayers and enrich a select few.  This is most obvious when the liberals feel that their scam is threatened.  When that happens, they will do and say anything in an attempt to protect their precious gravy train.  A good example is how the Wisconsin public school teachers acted a few years ago, when Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans in the Wisconsin state legislature were in the process of passing Act 10.  But that was mostly limited to vandalism and other improper behavior at the state Capitol building.

An even more outrageous example is how the folks in charge of the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) system acted just last Monday night.  This amounts to brazen, outright theft of millions of dollars in one crack.  You can read the full story here, but this is the gist of it.

Like many other urban public schools, MPS has been experiencing declining enrollment due to poor performance and management, and like many other urban public schools, employees and management at MPS have proven time and time again, that when given a choice between enriching their own selves or improving children’s education, they will choose the former, every time.  Because of this, MPS (once again, like many urban public schools),  has an abundance of vacant, unused, closed school buildings.

That last paragraph is a stinging indictment of MPS, but it gets even worse.  Monday night, MPS threw away millions of taxpayer dollars in one fell swoop.  If that’s not outrageous enough, their motive may be even more.

The performance of urban public schools over the decades, has been so poor that some people have begun to question if the problem might be fault of the students themselves, and the culture from which they come. Sounds racist, doesn’t it?  Who would say such a thing?  Tea Party folks?  More often than not, it is the supporters of urban public school systems in an attempt to shift the blame of poor student performance away from the schools’ management and employees, and they might have gotten away with it at MPS, except for one thing.  

St. Marcus Lutheran School, a private school in Milwaukee has shown that given the proper educational environment, urban youth can do quite well. In fact student demand for an education at St. Marcus has been so strong, that they need to expand in order to meet it.

MPS has been perennially complaining that they don’t have enough money, and it just so happens that St. Marcus has been interested in purchasing one of those vacant school buildings from MPS for some time.  Now in a sane universe, almost anyone could see a win-win situation here, MPS needs money (or so they always say), St. Marcus needs more building space.  The obvious solution?  Not, so fast!

If MPS were to sell the vacant Malcolm X Academy to St. Marcus, it would mean decreased enrolment for MPS, and a loss of jobs for MPS personnel (So much for “putting the children first”.), but even worse for MPS, it would mean even more direct comparisons of private and public schools, something MPS just can’t afford to have.  

And now we get to the most outrageous part of all - the lengths that MPS was willing to go, in order to prevent the sale of Malcolm X Academy to St. Marcus.

As mentioned earlier, St. Marcus had had its eye on Malcolm X for some time, and many local people (including parents of students who wanted to attend St. Marcus) were in favor of the sale.  MPS, for the reasons mentioned earlier wasn’t interested.  All this got the attention of the Wisconsin state legislature, and they are currently attempting to pass legislation to force MPS to sell some of their vacant facilities.

Fearing that the legislation might be passed, and St. Marcus might actually have the opportunity to buy Malcolm X against their will, MPS sprang into action.  They would find another buyer, but where?  Who wants to buy a school but perhaps, another school?  For anyone else, it’s going to have to be a pretty sweet deal, and how sweet it is.

Well the people at MPS put their thinking caps on and came up with another buyer.  A “new development group” called 2760 Holdings LLC.  If that doesn’t make you suspicious, what if I told you that seven weeks ago, 2760 Holdings didn’t even exist?  No red flags yet?  Maybe you should hear the terms of the sale.  MPS agrees to sell 2760 Holdings, Malcolm X Academy for $2.1 million, but then turn around and lease it back for twice that amount over four years.  That’s right they going to sell a building that they don’t need, but lease it back for twice what they sold it for, and at the end of four years they’ll have nothing.

Let’s just wait a while and see the connections between the people of 2760 holdings and the people running MPS.

If you think that things like this are uncommon, you’re wrong.  It’s the reason why Detroit went broke, why anti-poverty programs don’t work, and it’s why liberalism fails in general.  The money never makes it to the ones the liberals claim it’s for.

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