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Obamacare "Activists": Aren't They Just So Clever?... and Original?

Obamacare activists STRIP to their underwear in taxpayer-funded, PETA-style stunt to persuade young Coloradoans to 'get covered'

Note:  According to my spell checker, “Coloradoans” is misspelled, but I stole that headline straight from the Daily Mail, and far be it from me to question their spelling ability.  They also spell color, “colour” and call trucks, “lorries”, which is probably one of the reasons why we fought the Revolutionary War.

Obamacare organizers in Colorado are taking Obamacare promotion to a new low – at least in terms of their dress code.
A health insurance provider is sending 20-something activists out on the streets of Denver in their underwear to persuade young people to 'get covered.'
The resulting photos and video footage, which the organization published on Instagram this week, has a protest flavor that comes complete with a Twitter hashtag: #getcoveredCO.
And U.S. taxpayers are footing the bill for the risque street performances through a federal government loan.

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Don’t bother

The message, 'Without health insurance, you're exposed,' was likely cooked up in a late-night college dorm bull session

We’ve covered this several times before, but I want to make sure that your initial reaction to such stories isn’t just “idiots”, but rather, “lazy idiots”, or “shameless. lazy, idiots”, and in this particular case, “shameless, lazy, incongruent, idiots”.

We’re all familiar with stunts like this coming from groups like PETA and Femen, but these people deserve an even smaller (if it’s possible) amount of respect. They’re paid activists, hired by a health insurance provider.  In other words, they didn’t feel passionately enough about the “cause” to do it for free.  

Judging by their appearance, they are probably college kids, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they are not STEM majors.  You can also be sure that they had the time to do this because they don’t have any real jobs, and their selective pride would prevent them from getting paid to do something legitimate, like wearing a sandwich board that says “Eat at Joe’s Diner”, or dressing up like a Godzilla, to promote a “monster of a used car sale”.

For some reason, it’s always easier for people to embarrass themselves for left wing causes, and it never occurs to them that they often are in conflict with other beliefs they hold.  A perfect example is these PETA idiots:

Stripping down is part of the toolbox at PETA, where sex sells and grabbing attention is the #1 priority

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Once again, don’t bother

You can be assured that all of them are “against world hunger”, but they are in favor of just about anything that would cause food to be more expensive. They also almost certainly, consider female nudity in anything that involves entertainment to be the "oppression of women".

 People like these never think things through, because they have no experience in thinking things through, so the ones wearing only their underwear should have absolutely no influence on anyone to sign up for Obamacare.  Their knowledge of the subject is limited to the signs around their necks.

Why do these idiots do these stupid things?  Because it’s easy, both physically and intellectually.  Virtually no effort is required.  But is it effective?  Many people would say that it is. After all, they received media attention, but consider this.

If you want to convince someone else to agree with you, you must have a clear, concise, factual, logical argument.  If you go to a bank to get a loan, or approach the town board in order to get a variance on a zoning ordinance, do you start taking your clothes off?  Do you think that doing so would advance your cause in anyway?

From a historical perspective, logical, rational arguments have always been more effective than stunts.  There are countless famous quotes and speeches, but few famous naked stunts.  The reason is because the speeches and quotes were effective at swaying public opinion, and removing one’s clothes was not.

Almost everyone remembers what Lady Godiva did, but almost no one remembers her cause.

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