Saturday, October 5


Solomonic Wisdom


Admittedly, I’m the guy who has said from long before his first election that Barack Obama is not a friend of America, nor is he a fan of this nation.  Have you ever heard him volunteer a good opinion of America--not just respond with what he knows Americans would like to hear?  This man desires calamity for our nation.  Why?  I can’t answer that.  Perhaps the reason is to be found somewhere in the twenty-plus years he spent in the church of Jeremiah Wright in Chicago.  Wright is a virulent anti-white, anti- American whose sermons were often nothing more than diatribes against this country, its white founders and the band of (mostly) white leaders—up until the election of Obama.  Could a person whose views are dramatically different from those of Wright spend more than twenty years sitting under that man’s preaching and remain unaffected?

Something that has become painfully obvious in the past ten years is that many, if not most, of his Progressive party are also America-haters; nothing would please them more than that America should receive a “come-uppance”, as it were.  You see, many of these people believe if you have any money, you had to have stolen it because you, unlike these members of the intelligentsia, are not smart enough to figure a way to earn money honestly.  Ergo, any money you have was gained through theft and/or deceit.  It is therefore their duty to take that money from you and redistribute it to the “less fortunate”.  In their lexicon, “less fortunate” is a euphemism for people that an honest person would call lazy, shiftless and irresponsible.  This does not describe all the poor, by any means.  But there are a significant number of leeches who are perfectly capable of making a living for themselves who have no intention of ever seeking a real job as long as welfare and unemployment exist.  For the Progressives who support that attitude and behavior, anything short of a Secular Humanist government of Social Justice (Socialism) is totally unacceptable. 

Do you think that is overstated? 

Let me ask you . . . in this government crisis that seemingly everyone agrees will have horrific consequences for the nation if our House and Senate do not fund our government and agree to raise the debt ceiling—who is offering solutions?  The President says he should not have to offer anything to the Republicans by way of compromise.  “After all, I won the election, and the election was about Obamacare, and the American people voted for it.”  A debatable premise, but there it is.  Harry Reid, Progressive leader of the Senate, says the Senate will not bring any compromise that the Republicans have offered up for a vote on the Senate floor.  The Republicans must accept whatever the Progressives give them.  

Of course, few true Progressives will be familiar with the biblical story I am about to introduce.  It seems Israeli King Solomon was asked to mediate a quarrel between two women, both of whom claimed to be the mother of a small child.  They asked the king to intervene and declare which of them was to receive custody of the child.  Christians will recall that King Solomon ordered the child to be cut in two with a sword, and that each woman was to be given half the child.  One woman immediately said, “No, Lord.  Let her have him.”  The second woman agreed to the King’s solution, saying, “Now neither of us will have a child.” Solomon in his wisdom knew that the real mother of the child would love him so much she would rather someone else rear him than that the boy should die. 

Does that give you anything to think about in the current dooms-day dalliance over Obamacare and the debt ceiling? 

If you do not love your country, it will be of little consequence to you should the nation have to suffer through another terrible depression.  After all, you are the President, or the Senator or Representative.  The depression will not harm you.  And you can rejoice in the knowledge that the other side did not get their way!  So what if millions of poor and unemployed continue in hopelessness and despair as their leaders sacrifice them on the altar of Secular Humanism and socialism?  

If you think that is not what is happening, you are not just blind, but willfully so.

Every Republican should be out front, on TV, radio and in print this week with a simple message:

"We have twice voted to fund every agency and program of the U.S. government (save Obamacare) in a single CR. We will proceed now to pass CRs for each department and agency of the U.S. government, separately and individually.

"And if Harry Reid's Senate refuses to pass a single one of those CRs, who then is shutting down NIH and the FDA?" –Patrick Buchanan, in a Townhall article.

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