Thursday, October 24

The Contemplative Conservative

In our day to day lives most people think little of politics.  The majority of Americans tune in once every four years, learn a little about the candidates, and then pull the lever for one candidate or the other come election day.  The remaining minority of us constantly consume politics; we voraciously read the news until our eyes can bear no more of our computer or smart phone screens, sometimes I even find myself with 'news headaches' because of my addiction to current events.  For those of you that fall into this category I think we have one huge shortcoming.  We fail to truly contemplate and analyze why we believe what we believe.  We do not delve into the philosophical foundations of our belief systems.  We just take for granted what is and do not dive any deeper into our beliefs.  This lack of thought on our part is a big reason why we fail to convince others of our beliefs.  In order to truly change someone else's mind you must have a firm grasp of all the ideas and facts concerning the topic you are expounding upon.  Without this certainty of knowledge your certainty of belief will flounder and others will look upon you as nothing more than an ignorant ideologue.

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