Saturday, October 12

The Trucker's Strike Didn't Fail - We Did

source: Fox News

Dozens, not thousands, show up for DC trucker protest

A trucker protest aimed at clogging the Capital Beltway around Washington to protest government "corruption" was not shaping up to be quite the commuter nightmare organizers had threatened.

It was doomed from the start, and almost everyone knows why.  Independent truckers’ margins are too thin for them to spend time and fuel on anything that doesn’t directly contribute to income. In spite of this, it could have worked if it weren’t for three things.

  1. Lack of support from the left
  2. Lack of support from the right
  3. Independent truckers are  dying breed

The first was to be expected, because truckers tend to be conservative, but it does show the hypocrisy of the left since they claim to be “for the working man”.  Who’s a better example of a working man than someone who has their entire life savings and a mountain of debt wrapped up into their source of livelihood?  Check out the mean-spirited comments about truckers at the end of this HuffPo article.

The second is even more disgraceful, because once again, truckers tend to be conservative, and I didn’t even realize it until the moment that I wrote this, that I am among the guilty here.  For weeks, I considered writing a post about this, but didn’t because I considered it to be a lost cause.  Has that ever stopped the left?  Why should it?  Look at how often they have been able to take issues that hardly anyone was even aware of, let alone supported, and make them front page news, simply by hammering away.  I should have posted something supporting the truckers, if for no other reason than I wouldn’t appear to be hypocritical as I post this.

Now there were some conservatives that supported, or at least acknowledged the truckers strike, and my hat’s off to them, but there was hardly anything that could be described as nationwide conservative support.  If there was, maybe just enough truckers would have participated to make the strike effective, and it would have happened at just the right time.  Maybe this could have been just the push Republicans needed to gain some ground on the current negotiations in Washington.  We’ll never know now.

Conservatives love to point out the stupidity of liberals, but fail to see when liberals are smarter than they are.  In general, liberals never speak ill of other liberals, no matter how outrageous they may be.  They realize what is important in the political game, and that is PEOPLE WHO VOTE THE WAY YOU DO ARE ON YOUR SIDE.  You should support them.  If not to support their cause, then to assure that you maintain their loyalty and votes.

Conservatives often speak of “liberal snobbery”, but at least it is always directed towards the opposition.  There is an equal amount of conservative snobbery out there, but it is almost always directed at people who tend to support conservative candidates.  What’s more important to you, showing how independent and superior you are to folks you consider to be “redneck trailer trash”, or having the candidates you favor, winning elections?  

I don’t care if you are doctor, lawyer, or stockbroker, making over a million dollars a year, anyone who votes the way you do, deserves some amount of respect, and you would be well advised to direct your criticism and condemnation elsewhere.  

Just because you are not a tea party member, hunter, gun owner, part of a militia group, or truck driver that doesn’t mean that these people don’t deserve your full support.  Next time you’re at some highfalutin cocktail party, grow a pair of balls and speak up for these folks, and quit being such a big pussy and agreeing with every mealy-mouthed bastard that demeans them.

And since I mentioned redneck trailer trash, consider this.  If you ever slide your $50,000 luxury sedan off the road during a blizzard, and you realize that your smartphone, and your On-star system are worthless because all the tow trucks are backed up five hours with previous calls, who do you think is more likely to come to your aid?  One of your three piece suit, six figure plus buddies, or some redneck in a rusty old 4x4?  I can tell you the answer if you don’t know.

Independent truckers are a dying breed, and mostly for the same reason that most other independent businessmen are a dying breed, because of government regulations that favor large corporations over individuals.  This is why you see so many foreigners who can barely speak or read English, driving for large companies that higher anyone who was able to obtain a CDL.

Knowledge of the workings of a heavy duty truck and the ability to drive it safely in extreme conditions mean nothing anymore.  Some fifth generation American citizen that got a DUI one Friday night driving his own car home after a few beers is barred from ever being able to drive a semi again, even though it’s the only job he’s ever had, and he’s an expert at it, so we replace him with some alien from Bumfuckistan who can’t read English and never drove anything more sophisticated a than donkey cart only a couple of years earlier.  All this in the name of safety, give me a break.

But there you have it, independent truckers, nobody was on your side.  Not the Left, not the Right, not the government, and as I’m ashamed to admit, not even me.

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