Wednesday, October 9


Voodoo Mathematics

Bill Brown 

We have been told since before his first race for the presidency how exquisitely brilliant is Barack Obama.  While I am not fully convinced (I say that with tongue firmly in cheek) of our President’s genius status, I am definitely impressed with the figures that his Administration’s mathematicians have put together regarding the cost of Obamacare.


Genius is not a strong enough word to describe those who are able to provide  MUCH more coverage than most of us have ever had or felt we needed to at least thirty million MORE people who have not been able to afford insurance before.  Yes, your insurance will include contraceptive coverage—even if you are ninety years old and sex is only a distant memory.  Your wife may be seventy-five years of age, but her coverage will include obstetric and pediatric insurance, in the unlikely event that she should become pregnant.  You never know, right?  But you will get that extra coverage and so much more for LESS money than your more minimal package cost you before Obamacare! Isn’t that remarkable?  How often these days do you get so much more for so much less?


But you haven’t heard anything yet.  Do you remember all those for whom the Progressives used to shed crocodile tears—those with pre-existing conditions that made them all but uninsurable; if they were able to find a company that would insure them, the policy was prohibitively expensive?  Well, rejoice!  Those people will now be insured, whether the insurance companies want to cover them or not.  And the best news is—it won’t cost them any more than your policy costs you—even if you are in the pink of health and have never been sick a day in your life!  And of course, they get all this for LESS MONEY than your more minimal coverage cost you under the old system!  While the insurance company that holds the policy of a person whose illnesses can be depended upon to require treatments costing many hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, the cost of their policy will never be more than $25 or $30 a month; maybe slightly more, as Administration spokespersons explain it.


I’m waiting on these same geniuses to show life insurance companies how they can insure a seventy-six year old overweight, chronically tired old man who has endured six or seven surgeries, has high blood pressure and HBP (prostate) and a number of other health issues for one million dollars coverage for $25 a month.  Don’t tell me it can’t be done!  If they can figure out how to provide Obamacare to desperately ill people for the amount of money they claim their insurance will cost, figuring the latter problem out will be a snap. It wouldn’t be fair to lump me in with other old geezers with one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel.  I want to be charged what that eighteen-year-old young man pays who is playing football at an extremely high level because his conditioning and health are perfect.  It would be unfair to charge me more for life insurance simply because I’m old and sick.


Any problem you want these brilliant people to solve for you?  You don’t doubt that they can do it, do you?
If anything in this article is overstated, it might be because NOBODY knows what is in this monstrosity of a bill, and NOBODY knows how much it will cost.  All I know is, it will cost a hell of a lot more than the Progressives have told you!

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