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White thugs beat Black couple after they are dragged from wait and do the reversal

Did Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Waters, Holder, Pelosi, Reid, Biden, the Congressial Black Caucus, the NAACP, CRS and other race baiters knuckle bump each other and then hand out candy like the Fakestinians do in Gazastan when a Jew or American is killed?

You do think this cannot happen to you or where you might live is safe? There is no longer any place, region, where you are safe in this country.

Two parts to this post and runs a bit long but please read!

Flip the cards, the race here and just imagine how the lapdog propagandists of the regime's media would have reacted had this been white kids that beat up a black couple.
Instead it is a local issue and this will change NOW as I am posting the story here from the Treehouse. This will be cross posted to CBC and I ask that as many of you as possible help get this story out. The LSM has buried this story as they have every similar story when the victims have been, oh my God, WHITE.

Of course this crime occurred in the gun free zone of NYC and in a state that has been a knee jerk, backwater gun grabbing reaction to all the horrid mass killings that have taken place in the last couple of years. Let me remind you that those who committed these horrendous attacks such as Sandy Hook, the Naval Yard, were almost ALL liberals and brainwashed mororns who supported Obama. To compound the problems we have yet to know all the facts about such events and has the ORIGINAL video feed from Sandy Hook ever been released? NO, it has not to the best of my knowledge and research and this will NOT be released for quite some time so do not be looking for it. But I am getting off topic here and need to stay on the main line.

Can you hear the feeble, pablum, typical excuses from the LSM, the poor parents of these disadvantaged, misguided children who will have the excuse that being born black made them bound to fail in such a racist country as America. Let me also remind you that is was the Democrats and liberals who brought us the KKK. Racism is very alive and well in the Democratic party.

Obama and company want a race war and they want this country to be like Rhodesia, South Africa and the parallels are very, very similar. Strikingly so. If I could ask my friend in in South Africa I would. But this individual was forced to go underground and I refuse to put anyone at risk.

Safari principle will be included in this post.

Bring it, Obama, bring it on home and you will reap what you have sown in your post racial America.

Do not get too comfortable Mr. and Mrs. born, raised and legal to be be here, Americans.
The left and race baiting ilk think that Obamacare is what so many of us are mad and upset over? Think again, Obama. You are truly the black Hitler for our times. PatriotUSA


Just Another Black Mob Beating…. White Couple Dragged From Car At Intersection And Beaten Repeatedly By Teen Black Mob….

Intellectual Exercise – Reverse the Races.    Think about what the headlines would look like if a group of white teens dragged a black couple from their car while shouting “die nigger”, “get that black whore”… and beat the man and his wife mercilessly….. THAT would be national headlines on all major media 24/7, Sharpton and Jackson would be quick to the scene, and CNN would be calling again for that national conversation.   Yet a group of black thugs do it, yet again, and it’s merely a local story buried from sight.

Natalie%20jackson%203 Tweets

NEW YORK -  A group of 10 black youths — one of them a 12-year-old girl — surrounded a  white couple’s car in Brooklyn, viciously beating the husband and yanking the  wife to the pavement by her hair as they peppered the two with racial slurs,  authorities said.

Kashawn Kirton, 18, believes he was wrongly accused of a hate crime because he was wearing the same outfit as a teen that allegedly attacked a driver near Kings Plaza on Monday.

Get those crackers!” some of them screamed,  according to court papers. “Get that white whore!”

The confrontation erupted about 7 p.m. Monday, as the marauding group crossed  Avenue U at E. 58th St. near Kings Plaza Shopping Center in Mill Basin. Ronald Russo, 30, and his wife, Alanna, apparently had the green light and  the husband honked at the group to get out of the way. The rowdy kids started  kicking the car, according to the criminal complaint. Ronald Russo got out to  check on potential damage to his vehicle.

And that’s when all hell broke loose.

Ronald Russo was dragged to the ground. Then he was punched and kicked in the  head. He felt more blows all over his body, investigators said. He suffered a  fractured nose, a broken septum, a blood clot and abrasions to his shoulder. He  was treated and released from Beth Israel Medical Center.

In the midst of the attack, there was a steady chorus of epithets. “White  motherf—–!” screamed the attackers, who ranged in age from 12 to 18.

Alanna Russo, 30, was calling 911 when the 12-year-old girl pulled the  woman’s hair and threw her to the ground. The victim’s head slammed into the  concrete. She suffered a black eye, bleeding and difficulty breathing. (continue reading)

Kashawn Kirton, 18, has been charged with gang assault, harassment and menacing charges, all as hate crimes. 

Daehrell Finch, 17 has been charged with gang assault, assault, menacing and harassment but does not face hate-crime charges.

Two more teens, a 12-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy, have also been arrested, but their names have not been released.

Source is here.


Keep reading, faithful readers as the dark lord is stirring and has released the foul Orcs from the bowels that dwell in Mordor on the Potomac.

The next chapter will be on the Safari Principle.

The Safari Principle


Today, yet another example of a black youth mob attacking a white couple hits the local New York Media.     CNN?  MNSBC? CBS-ABC-NBC?…. = nothing to see here, move along, move along…. It’s simply the same national media approach taken toward the Virginia Pilot mob assault last year; heck, it’s virtually the exact same scenario.

White couple driving through black neighborhood, their car hit and kicked, the driver gets out to check for damage and then WHAMMO the black mob begins their assault.
But reverse the races and this would be national news – So, what gives?


Last year while defending Trayvon Martin, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry went on a ridiculous diatribe (December 3rd 2012), about America not being a safe place for “young black men” because non-black people are refusing to be attacked by them. 

Same insufferable logic surrounding “The Safari Principle” best identified in the mantra of ‘George Zimmerman should not have gotten out of his car’;  To which you can now add several more examples… 

THE SAFARI PRINCIPLE - George Zimmerman left his vehicle, oh my!
The hidden subtext could be construed as the following… In modern America, a prudent citizen should know to remain in their vehicle, doors locked, windows up, when there are young black males known to be in the vicinity.

What does this say about our society?

Are we living in a drive through Safari Park?

If we get out of our vehicles we deserve what we get and we shouldn’t blame the animals, much less shoot them in self-defense?

People like Melissa Harris-Perry and Natalie Jackson are foaming at the mouth calling anyone who profiles their risk of bodily injury, based on behavior, a racist.  While at the same time saying that non-blacks are all at fault for not following the rules they wrote for us on the Safari Park safety brochure.

The Black Grievance Industry advance their “Safari” argument from the divisive chasm they create.   Homicide is the #1 cause of death for black males between the age of 15 and 34; And guess what? 94% of all black young men killed are killed by other young black men….. The strawman arguments are not only ridiculous – THEY’RE WRONG.

Last April, 2012, a year and a half ago, we discussed: “We need to have this conversation“. CNN’s Don Lemon told me 4 times in five minutes on Sunday. “we need to have this conversation“.

It got me to thinking. Twenty Five Years ago, I heard the same thing: “we need to have this conversation“….

1984 – Bernard Goetz: Same crew said “we need to have this conversation.
1986 – Howard Beach: Same crew said “we need to have this conversation.
1987 – Tawana Brawley: Same crew said “we need to have this conversation.
1989 – Bensonhurst: Same crew said “we need to have this conversation.
1991 – Crown Heights: Same crew said “we need to have this conversation
1991 – Rodney King: Same crew said “we need to have this conversation
1995 – Freddies Fashion Mart: Same crew said “we need to have this conversation
2006 – Sean King: Same crew said “we need to have this conversation
2012 – Trayvon Martin: Same Crew now says “we need to have this conversation“.

But, In this century, black-on-black crime is the most insidious killer of black people, especially black men. 

According to federal crime statistics, homicide is the leading cause of death among African-American males ages 15 to 34. 

These figures also indicate that between 1976 and 2004, 94 percent of black murder victims were killed by black offenders. (stats)

Would you consider that maybe y’all are talking to the wrong guy?

I mean, I’ll have that conversation as long as you want. But really, be honest, is the emphasis on the right syllable in that dialogue?
If you want to stop this……

kenan adams-kinard 2Chris lane
Memphis suspects
joshua reddin - julian McKnight - Lloyd Khemradj all 15

You need to engage the conversation with them…..

….. NOT ME

But you won’t have that conversation. Will you?

Source is here.

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