Saturday, October 26

Why Is The Left So Afraid Of Ted Cruz

You can always tell when the left is concerned about a person or a policy, they start demonizing the policy or person. Just as they went full force against the Tea Party, they are releasing their heavy hitters on Senator Ted Cruz. Read more.


Bill Trantham said...

Maybe it's his ethnicity...I sense some heavy racial undertones in the left's assault of Ted Cruz. Either that or they hate anyone with balls enough to stand up.

The Conservative Wife said...

They are afraid of him because what he says is truth. Liberals fear truth and flee from it just like a demon will flee from Christ. Cruz stands firm in his convictions. He actually has a spine and they don't like it when someone stands up and actually questions them. They want complete control with no consequences. Ted Cruz is a man that doesn't play their game. And people are listening to him because he listened to us.

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