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God Help Him

College Boy Beaten By Bikers

Wilmot, WI - More than a few people voiced concerns prior to a motorcycle rally held at the Kenosha County fairgrounds in southeastern Wisconsin, the first weekend after Labor Day.  As expected, members of rival motorcycle gangs were in attendance, and as expected by many, trouble ensued, but not exactly as one might have envisioned.  In a rare cooperative effort, several leather-clad bikers from the Outlaws, Hells Angels and Mongols gangs jointly pummeled a college student, simply for expressing his thoughts on motorcycle quality and biker culture.

      Eric Fromm - College student beaten by bikers

Eric Fromm, a college student at Northwest Christian University, made mistake of offering his opinions to people who are not exactly known for their tolerance of opposing points of view.  

“It happened so quickly, I don’t even know how it happened.” Fromm said, “First I was explaining to my friend that I don’t believe that Harleys are the best bikes out there, and that the whole biker gang thing is rather silly, and the next thing I knew, I was on the bottom of a pile of ten guys kicking the crap out of me.”

Now you might be thinking, “How come I never heard of this before?”  Well, there’s a good reason for that, and that is:  I made the whole thing up.  Below is the real story about Eric Fromm.  Many of you will quickly pick up on where I’m going with this, but stick with me, it’ll be a fun read.

Northwest Christian University Class President Reveals He's an Atheist

Nov. 11, 2013
By TATIANA SHAMS-COSTA via GOOD MORNING AMERICA                                               A shit eating grin on a punchable face.       ic Frfrom a Christian university in Oregon, revealed he's an atheist.
Sarah Halstead/NCU
A student from a Christian university in Oregon ditched the privacy of the confessional and went public about his faith, writing in the school newspaper: "I am an atheist. Yes, you read that correctly, I am an atheist."
Eric Fromm, 21, a senior at Northwest Christian University in Eugene published his thoughts about not believing in God in the Beacon Bolt, the student-run online newspaper -- despite the fact that his university is a Christian school.

Really, Eric?  You just had to didn’t you?  Don’t bother explaining yourself, no one cares what you claim your motivation was.  I can guess.  It was a combination of two things. 1) You’re one of those pathetic sacks of shit that craves attention above all else.  2) You are (like most atheists) a pussy.  I have never met you, so how can I be so confident in my assessment of you?
Let’s start with this excerpt from the Good Morning America article:
Although Fromm didn't share the religious beliefs as the school, he said in his post he decided to enroll because Northwest Christian had a "solid communications program."
OK, fine.  Me personally, I couldn’t envision myself attending a Jewish or Muslim University, regardless of what quality academic programs they may offer, but if I did, I certainly would not tell everyone that I thought that their religion was nothing more than silly superstition, out of respect for the Jews and out of fear of the Muslims.

It is quite obvious that Eric has neither respect for, or fear of Christians, but he still felt that not only was it necessary for him to attend Northwest Christian, he needed to be class president.  Now that would be more than enough attention for most students, but not Eric, he had to go one step further, and let everyone else know he wasn’t falling for any superstitious nonsense like religion, and thereby achieve his ultimate goal: getting a national media outlet to run a story about - him.  As Church Lady would say, “Well, isn’t that special?”
The lack of fear is understandable.  One of the precepts of Christianity is to “turn the other cheek” which of course, makes Christians an easy target for cowards. Now that you have some idea about who he is, it’s obvious that the fictitious story that I lead with, would have been all but impossible.  Not even Mr. Fromm would be stupid enough to challenge bikers on some of their strongest beliefs, nor would he have the courage to go into a Chicago area bar, and give the clientele, an honest and accurate evaluation of the Bears.  I bet he wouldn’t even have the balls to go to a bingo hall, and tell all those senior citizens that their just wasting their time and money.  His ‘courage” is limited to letting Christians know that he thinks that they’re full of shit.  Perhaps he should visit the Middle East and let the locals there, have a taste of his views on Islam.
While many people attempt to discredit what Christians believe because it “can’t be proven”, they fail to realize that the other side of the coin is, that cannot be disproved either, hence the term, Christian faith.  
While it would be quite possible to construct a logical, factual argument about the superiority of a Honda over a Harley, the perennial lackluster performance of the Chicago Bears, or how playing bingo is a waste of time and money, Eric has chosen to attempt to discredit Christianity, which illustrates not only his lack of courage, but his lack of respect for almost everyone around him at Northwest Christian University.  If he has so little respect for so many people, why should anyone respect him?

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The Conservative Wife said...

You are exactly correct in your assessment of his two motives although I think the 2nd is the first. What an asshat.

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