Saturday, November 9

House rules....any questions? Early AM bit to make ya smile

AJ, the king of all slaggards and editor here at Patriot's Corner who absolutely does nothing to earn his keep (well he does watch over me and the house so I guess he sorta earns his keep) asked me to put this picture up for him. By chance, I was looking at it once and AJ came over and just stared at the monitor. I switched to another post and he went away. I put this back on and he came back, put his paw on my leg and just sorta poked me with his his paw. I took the picture off again he took his paw off my leg and looked down and sighed. I pulled it back up and he did the same thing with his paw and barked at me. Coincidence, I think not and after all, he is the editor and dogs rule, all there is to it. Obviously, he is smarter than me. PatriotUSA

Stolen from Jim Sinclair's Mineset

Tags: AJ's house rules, No questions asked or accepted, Dog hair on you, I am loved more than you. To share or post to your site, click on "Post Link". Please mention / link to the Patriot's Corner. Thanks!

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