Thursday, November 21

Ignorance, embarrassment, anger, looking for excuses, corrective action - What's the next phase that I'm going to go through?

I finally got the courage to sign out and look at all of my posts for the past two months and see them the way everyone else does.  It sure explains why some posts that I was sure would be absolute killers, didn’t do so well.  Who wants to look at an absent image?  

But come on people. Couldn’t someone have commented on the fact that there were no pictures?  Well, I’m just gonna chalk it up to a rookie error.  You missed some awesome stuff though.  Maybe I’ll go back and fix some of them, but I’m not going to waste my time with any that would I consider to be time sensitive material.

Blogger “PREVIEW”, my ass!  Wouldn’t it make sense that a “preview” would be the same as what everyone else would see?  I might be stupid, but I’m only gonna take half the blame for this.  I’d appreciate any comments on this, whether you excuse me, or think I’m a dumb ass.


conservativeBC said...

Blogger (Google) uses pics from your personal 'Picasa Web Album' - if your pics are not made public, they will not show up in a blog post.

It is also why I am not able to use the "post with thumbnail widget" on (Conservative Women For Truth) down below.

Because her pics are not public, they won't show up. So I did the best I could to make sure her site is linked...

The rest have a nice thumbnail beside each post.

Also, if each pic is named, they will bring a lot more hits to the blog. I.E. (Megyn Kelly Cute) instead of (screenshot43134dsssdsgsd) will pull 10,000 times the hits from google images...

neil schnurr said...

Thank you for taking the time to respond. I have since learned that I can avoid this problem by using Photo bucket.

The Conservative Wife said...

I have tried using picasa but for some reason, I can't get it to post the little picture from my blog beside my blog roll. Leave it to me to mess up a simple click of a button. Lol

conservativeBC said...

It won't matter much with I move the blog... You are going to love the site...

conservativeBC said... will be the address. when it goes live in a few days...

conservativeBC said...

This will be the theme... It will take me a while to set it all up to look more like cbc...

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