Wednesday, November 6

I'll Punish You, I'll Punish You, So Help Me, I'll Punish You

This is going to hurt me, more than it is going to hurt you.

Just kidding. It’s going to hurt you, and it won’t hurt me at all!

It’s an abuse of power, that’s what it is.  In the same way Obama used the power of the IRS, to threaten and intimidate conservative groups before, once Obamacare is fully implemented, the federal government will be able to intimidate all of us, by threatening to take away, or increase the cost of our health coverage unless we live and act the way they want us to.

This man will stop at nothing, and use any means necessary, to gain complete complete control of your life and steal away, all of our freedoms.

1 comment:

The Conservative Wife said...

Remember what Valerie Jarret said:

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