Saturday, November 2

It's Not Treason, It's Not Revolution, It's Self Defense

source: The Independent Sentinel

Warning! New Executive Order Seizes Control of Environmental Policies Within States

November 2, 2013
Photo of Barack Obama, the Imperial President, shredding the Constitution
Mr. Obama has a plan for the takeover of the nation’s policies affecting everyone’s property rights – ignoring states’ rights in the process – and it is all contained within a new Executive Order (EO).
The Executive Order issued on Friday for Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change  forms a new task force of state and local officials – almost all Democrats – to push the federal government climate change agenda on the states. It will empower him to avoid Congress and state legislatures in the decision making.

He Started It

Although I think that these words have been used all too often as an excuse for violence, it is undeniable that they are a legitimate justification for self defense.  From the way teachers traditionally handled playground fights, to the “stand your ground” laws, to the history book's judgement of nations that went to war, self defense against an initial aggressor is clearly an acceptable form of behavior, and why shouldn’t it be?  

Many people think that justice is something best left up to the law and authority, but what about when authority is nowhere to be found, or has no jurisdiction where you happen to be?  

Even worse, how about when authority itself,  is the source of the aggression?  Can people realistically expect to receive fair treatment under the law in that condition?

If someone in the position of power is willing to circumvent or even break the law to take away my freedom, why should I have to obey any laws that protect their power?  

Just keep pushing Obama.  It’s looking more and more like that’s what you want.  How do you think that history is going to judge you, if that is what you get?


The Conservative Wife said...

K Obutthead. You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. God is with me. Does God hate? Yes. Malachi 1:3. God loved Jacob and hated Esau. Why? Because Esau had no use for God just as Obama has no use for The Lord. Keep it up. I believe there is a cup of wrath with his name all over it.

neil schnurr said...

The past five years have produced a steady stream of events that earlier, I would not have thought possible. I no longer have the comfort of thinking something something is unlikely to happen, simply because it has not happened before.

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