Thursday, November 7

Let's Pretend that I Actually Had Some Influence

I wish that I could take credit for inspiring this post at The American Thinker, but the author came up with it independently from me.

Let’s just pretend that he was influenced by my encouragement of everyone to link Obamacare to all the other Obama scandals and failures.

This is the kind of thing that I am hoping some of you are going to come up with:

Obama: The Most Dangerous of Morons

There have been bad presidents -- see Jimmy Carter.  Yet has there ever been a president as staggeringly incompetent as Barack Obama?  Really, can there be any other explanation for his performance as president than the man is, well...a moron?
Consider for a moment ObamaCare.
The big lie of the Obama presidency is "you can keep your insurance."  Barry thinks Americans are just too stupid to realize he lied.  Why wouldn't he?  He's been right before.
He actually believed that Americans would be so enamored of his signature achievement that they would forget about his promise.  Only a moron would think most Americans would willingly pay more for less to ensure a minority of people could pay less for more -- and then afterward, forgive him for lying to them in order to pass the legislation.  After all, it had his name on it.  He felt that should be enough.
Only a moron could have 3 ½ years and a half a billion dollars to build a website and still blow it.  Of course, it wasn't his fault, he knew nothing about the website prior to its launch and was unaware that it would fail.
Jon Stewart, who, believe it or not, can be on the money sometimes, said that Obama was "out of the loop," and then added, "There appear to be very few loops he's in."  Isn't that the perfect description of the nation's first moron president?
Barry's response:  "No one is madder than me."
If I hear "No one is madder than me," one more time I think I am going to throw up all over my copy of the Audacity of Hope.  I wouldn't of course, because that might affect my ObamaCare eligibility, or the NSA might tell the IRS and I'd be audited.
Morons are a naturally angry lot.  Wouldn't you be if you didn't know what the hell was going on?  And who knows less of what is going on than Barack Obama?
Fast and Furious and all those dead Mexicans (They're only Mexicans...aren't they?) and a dead American border patrol agent (Brian Terry was unavailable for comment) -- Barry never heard of it...but he was outraged.
The IRS targeting his political opponents by denying and delaying their applications for non-profit status, and thus hindering their ability to raise money and have an impact on his 2012 re-election -- Barry heard about it the same time everyone else did...again, he was outraged.
The NSA, spying on basically...everyone, keeping a record of every email, phone call, text and conversation of every American and half the rest of the world, including the president of Brazil and the Chancellor of Germany -- Barry angrily didn't know about that one either...but he's put his best team on it.
Don't worry, his best team built  You know that's going nowhere.
Remember Benghazi, where America's ambassador, whose ardent pleas for additional security were rejected, was sodomized and assassinated along with three of his staff during a firefight lasting 7 hours?
These brave Americans, desperately fought alone, despite numerous militaryassets close enough to have made a difference, but were denied the opportunity to make that difference.
What did Barry do?  He went to bed early in order to be fresh for a campaign event in Las Vegas the next day.  In another lie (morons lie a lot), he blamed it all on an internet videographer's amateur You-Tube video.  He then had the amateur locked up.
Well, Benghazi...that wasn't Barry either, and he was so outraged he pledged not to rest until the perpetrators were caught.  So far the only one doing time for Benghazi is the amateur -- the filmmaker, not Barry.
He must have used his best team again. least none of this has interfered with his golf game.
Remember those commercials where and actor would say, "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV?"  Well...that's what we have here -- a moron who is not a president, but he plays one on TV.
With Nixon, they asked what did he know and when did he know it.
To ask the same question of Barry would be ridiculous.  He didn't know anything ever -- and he's the first to admit it.
In fact, he brags about it.
...and no one is madder than he is.
Enough of's getting late, time for Barry to go into a meeting where everyone will tell him how brilliant he is.  And then, perhaps some milk and cookies and the newest episode of Homeland.
"Oh look, a squirrel!"

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