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Local Douglas County, CO Issue - Choice in Education – Teacher Tenure vs. Teacher Quality – Vouchers Represent America’s Future Education System

by Mark A. Cohen

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I’m a national-issue guy. I avoid the local scene in most cases. But our Douglas County, Colorado issue could morph into a movement across the U.S.A. Great things could happen to the American classroom. This election is done, and choice in education won. Wow, bless the children! The four candidates who supported the old-fashioned, failed and broken educational system lost. Progress was made as so-called progressives Chase, Hodges, Keim, and Scholting (regressives) succumbed to freedom. Congratulations are in order for the true progressives: Jim Geddes, Judi Reynolds, Doug Benevento, and Meghann Silverthorn!

These guys lost.  Good thing.
These guys lost. Good thing.

It’s interesting what happens when Republicans win elections. The old, status-quo media stomps on them. Here’s an example from local FOX31, Denver: “After a conservative board majority elected in 2009 has pushed a bold agenda that includes the nation’s first suburban voucher program and effectively crippled the teachers’ union in the district, an up-swell of anger from parents and the union itself has helped turn races for four board seats into the wildest school board contest in the country. No wonder people have stopped watching the mainstream media!

How would I say it better? I don’t have to. did it for me: “Candidates favoring the current direction of the reform-oriented Douglas County School Board won all four races, after months of heated electioneering on both sides.”

They hid the fact they are pro-union in a heavily Republican county.
They hid the fact they are pro-union in a heavily Republican county.

Sensational! As usual, the mainstream news media must point out “conservative,” as if it is inherently bad. The so-called “bold agenda” merely gives parents a chance to spend a portion of their share of education funds they way they want. For those outraged when I quote Wikipedia, I won’t(!), but will say instead that I’ve found a report that Patrick Wolf, of the University of Arkansas, did a study which found that voucher recipients reach a graduation rate of 91%. The mainstream feels the need to stress the word, “voucher” (as if everyone is against them)… And, the media must not leave out the so-called “anger” caused by those awful Republicans (to make you mad?). Was this the “wildest” school board election? Probably not. Silly media. Read and distort at will, critics, as you must: Wolf study

Where’s the beef? The left doesn’t want the old system changed. Unions must maintain iron-fisted power to keep bad teachers in the system with “tenure.” No one is allowed a choice – they don’t want you to spend any of the tax monies you yourself contributed – on your own children’s education. As with Obamacare, government officials know better than you - how to spend your own hard-earned cash. In addition, no one can do better than anyone else in a socialist state, all are forced equal. The left fears that some of you may take your money and spend it on (gasp!) private educators. The smarter families (who use their vouchers) may then have an advantage over the public school folks… Some may actually benefit and get ahead… Now, we can’t have that!

 They hid the fact that they are Democrats.
They hid the fact that they are Democrats.

On the other hand, the right supports children, good teachers, and quality in education - by allowing parents to spend their education allotment the way they choose. Freedom of choice sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Colorado’s voters also squelched a $1 billion tax increase by defeating Amendment 66. This is more good news – since our deficits are so high and Obamacare is forcing an increase in the overall cost of health care in this country. We clearly couldn’t afford any more spending, especially at this time.

Sore losers ask for recounts. The Democrats say they may sue over their losses… Yeah, it’s a little like the protesters, who try to spoil our grand children’s good time at the circus by complaining about the way they imagine the circus treats their animals. Take your losses and go home. Like they said, “Obama won.” Why not simply try again next time?

Give them credit, though. Each candidate made it very close – the county is 2/3 Republican….
Give them credit, though. Each candidate made it very close – the county is 2/3 Republican….

I admit to a little gloating and some boasting, but no contest was won by more than 53%, and that must tell you something. The left will agree, and claim “the will of the people,” and also say that “there was no clear majority.” I disagree, and like the Obama 2012 victory, I attribute the close shaves with shrewd marketing. You have to admire the Democrats and their union buddies for their campaign skills. I don’t know how you make it that close if you only have 1/3 of the registered voters (and a vast minority of opinion on the topic). I saw at least 4 of the windshields with the names of the Democrat candidates. Non-stop, smart, targeted. Republicans have a lot to learn.


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