Friday, November 8

So You Changed My Blog Title...But The Egg Is On You

A few days ago, I posted a blog here titled, "Obama's Death Trail". Then I noticed that it was changed to "Obama's Convenient Missing Person's List". I know exactly who did this and I am so on to you. I suppose you think you are quite smart, but you aren't so don't even bother trying to pretend you are. Your ideals speak volumes and you are nothing more than a coward. If you had any "balls" at all, you would stand up and speak out loud when you "disagree" with someone. But no, you think it's "cute" to sneak around and change someone else's post. You are pathetic. If you can't stand up against something you disagree with and do so in an intelligent and rational manner... backed up with FACTS, then you are lower than a slimy, low life liberal and I have marked you well.

The next time you feel the need to be cute, try doing so in a manner that doesn't make you lower than the slime on the bottom of a barrel. Many liberals would not even stoop to such a level. I thoroughly despise you. You can't seem to stand on principal so I guess you have no other option. What a sad sack of flesh you are. I hope you have the decency to just leave, but I know you won't. Your kind is like a plague. You will stick around in your cover of secrecy. But I know you and I know what you are all about.

You make me sick!


neil schnurr said...

Goofy things are going on. When you first posted this it had one of your comments applying to the post titled "Thank You Mr. Boehner."

neil schnurr said...

And now there are no comments listed for the post "Thank You Mr Boehner" or am I stoned?

The Conservative Wife said...

I noticed that too. I think that was because I commented when the post was still in draft. It went away and I couldn't find it but still showed on the side bar. I kind of jumped the gun on that one.

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