Sunday, November 3

The Grapes Of Wrath… Americans Will Turn On Other Americans

I am posting this with deeply conflicted thoughts. I know Steinbeck well, extremely well. I have read almost everyone of his books, short stories and have read Grapes Of Wrath at least 15 times. I have a second edition copy that was given to me by my mother. Americans will again one day turn on each other. Not all of us will but there are those who will commit outright murder, mayhem and do other heinous things to even their own family. I have always enjoyed Steinbeck's writing.

It is hard to see any light at times and with a regime gone berserk such as we have now, the seeds that were planted decades ago have sprouted and grown into something VERY poisonous to every one of us. Some of us see this better than others. I refused to see, believe this for many, many years. Not any more. It started in 1979 when then POTUS Jimmy the dhimmi Carter fumbled the crisis in Iran at the American Embassy so badly. It continued from there with foreign and domestic events that have convinced me the United States is on the express train to a complete breakdown of society. They are waiting for the right time and martial law will be declared after a catastrophic event or will it be just one more LAX shooting as the excuse? Good people, will overnight become enemies of the state regime. I hope and pray this will not happen but if it does, I hope I will have already been called home. If I am here when the SHTF then know this, I will defend the ground on which I stand, I will defend my family and home as long as I draw breath. It is that simple and it is only complicated if you think otherwise. There are few I truly hold as friends and even fewer that I trust. You know who you are and that is just the way it may end up having to be. Do not weep for me for I am but one. Weep for A Republic that may very well have to burn to the ground, those very flames which can only be extinguished by the blood of those who truly are willing to pay the highest price for freedom. What say you, dear readers, what say you? PatriotUSA

From The Mad Jewess


The Grapes Of Wrath… Americans Will Turn On Other Americans

The Grapes Of Wrath… Americans Will Turn On Other Americans

Watch this video.  If you have never read “The Grapes of Wrath”, Or haven’t read the book, you need to.  In this scene, these people were pushed off of their land by government/banks.  I cannot find the next scene.  But, in the next clip, they bulldoze this man’s home.  As he is screaming at the man on the tractor, who is getting ready to bulldoze his land and house, the tractor worker replies: “I HAVE TO GET PAID, FAMILY TO FEED! GET OUT OF THE WAY!”

So, think again if you really believe that an American neighbor will help another neighbor…

While Steinbeck may have written stories, these are actual events that occurred many times during the Great Depression.

Source is here

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neil schnurr said...

My biggest fear is the federal government using civil unrest as an excuse to impose martial law and strip citizens of their freedom. I still trying to figure out, how to prepare for such a situation, and what I should do if it ever happens.

Rick Lakehomer said...

Exactly, Neil. The gov't is waiting like stinking Hyenas around a dying animal and that animal is US, the freedom we hold so close to our hearts. If martial law does occur I fear many of us just may vanish without a word or trace.

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