Monday, November 11

The Jungleers-41st Infantry Division: Veterans Day Nov. 11th, 2013

Veteran's Day 2013.

Thank you to all veteran's and especially to those from who have served from my family and to my father in law, Albert Rogers who served in U.S. Navy on the USS Lexington, known as the 'Blue Ghost'. Thanks Al. This is is for you and so many others. My father served in U.S. Air Force and my grandfather, U.S. Army. Both have been gone for many year and I just want thank them both, Herbert 'Herb' my father and my grandfather, Harold 'Harry'.

Your service and sacrifice by all means produced the greatest generations of America and defined for history, the meaning of AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM.

As I am in the Pacific Northwest, I felt it was time to honor an Infantry Division from this region, the 41st Infantry Division. The 41st gained honor for their service in Pacific theater during World War Two 

"The 41st Infantry Division was composed of National Guard units from Idaho, Montana, Oregon, North Dakota and Washington (U.S. state) that saw active service in World War I and World War II. It was one of the first to engage in offensive ground combat operations during the last months of 1942. In 1965 it was reorganized as the 41st Infantry Brigade. The Brigade has seen combat in the Iraq war in 2003 and is on alert at this moment for deployment in 2014."

There is quite a bit of information and books on the 41st Infantry Division and it would make a very long post. Below you will find some of the history of the 41st from the Pacific theater during World War Two. Still a long post but very informative and interesting reading and the least I can do to say thank you to ALL of our Veterans. PatriotUSA

41st Infantry Division shoulder sleeve insignia

Read the complete post here

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